Shrimp Cobb Salad Recipe

Prep in: 25 mins
Cook in: 12 mins
Ready in: 42 mins
I Want To Show You How To Make My Shrimp Cobb Salad.


  • Fresh Baby Spinach
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Corn Kernels
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • Some Paprika
  • Lemon
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Avocado
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Boiled Egg
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Shrimp
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Blue Cheese



Your ready ingredients so, you can get started you’re gonna need some fresh baby spinach, I’ve been washed and dried I’m using turkey bacon but you can also use center cut bacon. I’ve got some corn kernels here some cherry tomatoes. I’ve have growing in a garlic, some paprika, lemon, Dijon mustard an avocado extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, hard-boiled egg and some fresh shrimp now the shrimp have been peeled and deveined and that’s just how I bought them my supermarket my fish counter carries them already peeled and deveined which makes my life a whole lot easier I’ll just sit there and clean it all up.


So,let’s get started the first thing. I do is get a nice skillet it’s pretty preheating over medium high heat there’s nothing in no oil no nothing so to that I’m gonna add in my bacon and this is turkey bacon it’s nice lean turkey bacon. I’m gonna put it in here and I’m gonna cook it for about oh it’s about a minute on each side and you can absolutely use regular bacon but you know, I’m trying to keep this nice and light and also I’m getting the good fat from the avocado I don’t need the extra sort of heavy fat from regular bacon which I love but all things in moderation so to my shrimp I’m going to toss them in some granulated garlic and paprika giving them lots of flavor.


I’m also going to see the number with some salt and pepper and then just toss them together to coat them in the garlic in the paprika removing my bacon I’m just going to let this sit here for a couple minutes while I continue on with the rest of the recipe in the same skillet. I’m going to put just a little bit of olive oil. I’m going to add my shrimp now, I just want to make sure I put them all on a single layer because I want them to get a nice amount of color. I don’t want them to steam just that looks good I’m gonna let those cook for about two minutes on each side they cook very very quickly and while that’s happening I’m gonna put my whole salad together basically so now traditionally for a Cobb salad you use romaine lettuce I’m not a huge fan of romaine lettuce.


I just don’t think it’s got a lot of flavor and when I’m eating a salad you know I want everything to be super flavorful so, I start with a nice base which is either some spinach or some arugula or some spring mix just something that still has a little bit more character and these to be honest these are just canned corn kernels and it’s one of my favorite ingredients always has been but if, you’ve got some leftover corn like corn on the cob that you’ve steamed yesterday or from the grill or whatever just do those that’s awesome and this is a salad that you can put whatever you want on you can put some feta if, you want to you can put some blue cheese traditionally with you make a chicken cobb salad you do some blue cheese on there but then do whatever your heart desires really so got my tomatoes here.

5I’ve got my corn I’m gonna do is take my egg here that I’ve chopped that back peeled I’m just going to roughly chop it gather that all over the top and now for my make sure you go for the avocado first now if your avocado is really ripe like mine’s really ripe and I like that I’m only going to use half of this because the salad is only for two people so I don’t want to use a whole avocado so I’m going to take half of it and I’m just going to take a small little teaspoon and just pop it right out look at that you have to get a knife. I’m going to nice a bunch of stuff up just put it all over the top of the salad looks good so now I’m going to take my bacon which is now cooled.


I’m just going to chop the and to bite-sized pieces now before I add my bacon to my veggies here I just want to season them just a little bit with some salt and some pepper and I don’t want to do that when I have the bacon on top because Bacon’s already salty and I don’t want to over salt it so now that I’ve got that seasoned sprinkle my bacon all over the top now I’m going to just take my shrimp out clean up and then we’ll make the dressing I took my shrimp out of my skillet I’m letting them cool there for just a couple minutes while I make the dressing in this little bowl I’m going to put in some Dijon mustard.


I’m going to squeeze in some lemon juice awesome now, I’m going to just whisk those two together and as I’m whisking I’m gonna drizzle in some extra virgin olive oil lovely thick dressing.I thought my my whisk in a hot skillet whoops all right let’s do this so now I’m going to do I’m gonna top my salad with my shrimp that I have lightly cold beautiful I don’t like to cut them just because I like to be able to bring this to the table like this I think it just looks prettier and now you take a spoon and you just drizzle the dressing all over the top and you want to make sure you get it on the shrimp as well huh now I don’t want to like dig into this because I am going to bring this to the table.