Shamrock Milkshake Cupcake Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 30 mins
I Wanted To Make Shamrock Milkshake Cupcake.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Salt
  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Vegetables Oil
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Half Teaspoons Of Baking Powder
  • Jelly
  • Sugar



We can get started and these of all-purpose flour with a pinch of salt, some granulated sugar, some whole milk, vegetable oil, eggs ,unsalted butter that’s been softened room-temperature this is some fondant yan jelly or italian baking powder and this is Italian vanilla powder you can also use of course if, you don’t have either one of those two things you can use two teaspoons of vanilla extract and then one and a half teaspoons of baking powder that’s all really simple and really easy.


I make nowadays okay so first thing you want to do is the oven nice and hot to 350 then you want to take a muffin tin line it with little liner so nothing sticks and you pretty much ready to rock and roll and then of course. I’m going to show you the ingredients are gonna need to make the frosting later but for now we’re going to go on making the actual cake batter all right. I’m going to this in my standing mixer and I’m just adding my soft unsalted butter now, I’m adding butter and oil because the butter gives me flavor the oil makes it nice and moist and light that’s why if, you want to use all butter by all means do that if, you want to use oil by all means do that.


I’m using a combination because that’s just what I like so, I’ve got my butter I’ve got my oil I’m gonna put in my sugar let’s get it all out of the bowl all right and I’m just going to cream this together let’s walk mine. I’m just going to give this a good scrape and then I’m going to add in my eggs these babies right in and then you want to mix this together to its really nice and fluffy and well mixed love cupcakes. I can’t I can’t stay away from making anything in the cupcake form I don’t know what it is I think it’s like the kid in me love the cupcake and anytime. I bring them somewhere everybody loves cupcakes like what’s not to love it’s cute it’s good it’s all the things you love about something in a little camps.


You know portable hand version just saying so, I’m just gonna wait for this to get really well combined and then won’t go on to adding the rest of our ingredients wow it’s great all right knock this down add my milk mix it briefly just to get it all incorporated now some people do the milk and drive and dry mixture like in batches and save days like first a little bit of milk and a little bit of you know the dry ingredients I sometimes do that but nine times out of 10 I do the milk.

5I’m going to add in my salt and flour along with half a packet of panda yawn jelly otherwise they’ll rise too much save the rest for another batch and then a whole packet of vanilla bunny Lee now I’m just going to rip this open to get it all out there’s a little bit in here but trust me I’ll tell you it is potent they’re quite amazing I’m just going to mix this all together until. I have a really nice smooth batter and then we’ll get going to filling up our little liners that’s looking Oh amazing yes let’s get it all off here it smells so so so good.


I use it like it reminds me of what my Nonna’s kitchen smells like when she bakes oh I love that don’t worry I still love my vanilla extract all right just give this a good mix from the bottom and the sides and now. I’m just going to use my handy dandy ice cream scoop to fill these up like two-thirds of the way up and that’s it all righty we’ve got this all filled up this is going to go into your preheated oven at 350 for about 18 minutes or so or until they’re a lovely golden golden color and when you insert a toothpick in the center should come out clean without any wet batter.


You’ll know they’re done just keep your eye out because they’ll take between 18 to 20 minutes you don’t want them to cook too much and then you need to cool completely before, we get going to make in the frosting my cupcakes bakes for 18 minutes and they’ve cooled completely. I have them on my cake pedestal back there or most of them they don’t all fit which is fine because truth be told. I’ve already eaten one and then again any frosting on it yet so there okay let’s get going on taking the frosting, you’re going to need just a handful of ingredients just some powdered sugar or confectioner sugar unsalted butter at room temperature a tiny bit of milk mint extract and some green food coloring totally optional you don’t have to use the food coloring eight the share mark milkshake cupcakes so,I use the green food coloring.


I’m going to put my butter in my standing mixer which makes my life a lot easier with my confectioner sugar got a nice facial while you add it and I’m gonna just cream this together until it’s really nice and creamy and delicious so,let that go and I’ll show you what looks like once it’s there once your sugar and your butter pretty much mixed you want to slowly add a little bit of milk like maybe a tablespoon or two it doesn’t take a whole lot and so this gets nice and creamy again doesn’t take a whole lot you just need to be patient and look at it and watch it okay coming together it’s coming together it could use a little bit more so you go ahead and add a little bit more to see how it happens really quickly that’s what you want to be careful now for the mint extract.


You know how I normally just add vanilla in there cause I love vanilla the mint extract you need to measure it because this is so strong and I can overpower it really quickly so, I’m going to start with a quarter teaspoon taste it if, I want a more minty at another quarter teaspoon and then go from there so let’s just add vance mix it through that’s taste a little time it more maybe three-quarters not even like a half a teaspoon it’s probably perfect alright so now I’m going to add in some green food coloring just to diet that beautiful shamrock clover green and then once it’s all mixed up we’ll get ready to pipe now what I have here.


I ran out of my disposable piping bags so, what I took is a large ziplock bag snipped off all the corners and put in a big star tip in there so it will work just as well so I’m gonna put a little bit more green in here this is like an Easter green I want a really bright green that looks good alright let’s take this off you’re gonna really smell that mint very excited all right put your frost in your piping bag now just make sure you don’t squeeze too too hard otherwise you’ll rip the seam and you’ll have frosting go all over the place and that’s not fun trust me I’ve done it alright it’s good so just however you decide to do this just plonk it on alright that’ll do now let’s see if I can find my sprinkles I want some green sprinkles right over the top don’t make fun of me.