Nonna's Seafood Risotto Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 30 mins
Today, We’re Going To Share With You Her Recipe For Her Seafood Risotto.


  • Risotto Rice
  • Salt
  • White Wine
  • Parsley
  • Garlic
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Carrots
  • Beef Stock



You’re gonna need some risotto rice make sure it’s risotto rice it cannot be any other rice otherwise you’re not going to get that same texture salt white wine, parsley, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and you’re also going to need some stock of your choice now we’ve got just some water with some carrots celery
parsley salt and garlic in it and that’s going to make a little vegetable stock but really you shouldn’t use beef stock or chicken stock because it will completely overpower the flavor of the fresh seafood so, you’ll want to use something light you can also do a mixture of seafood stock and vegetable stock so,it’s not overpowered with that seafood flavor but that’s about it.


So, I’m going to take you over to the stove so, we get starting fanta mother-o about 1/4 cup of oil back here this is what i want to show you this is the kind of stock she makes so, it’s really just water parsley, celery, garlic. She’s going to add the garlic in the oil you notice that she used cold oil that’s because she wants to infuse the oil with the garlic and you want me to do that is to start with some cold oil add your garlic to the cold oil that way they come to temperature at the same time. I’m doing now this should always be at a simmer because you never want to add cold liquid to your risotto as it cooks otherwise it’s just not going to have the same texture at all so, just keep it at a simmer back there and you’re going to start ladling in a little bit at a time when the time of cotton right she’s going to add the seafood this will splatter because the seafood is frozen now. you’ll want to add the frozen seafood because as it thaws it is going to give out some of you know some of those juices and it’s icy and it creates now listen we all know what it’s like. when we film here don’t expect this to be


We’re gonna do and this is gonna cook for just a couple of can see that juice my right a glass of white wine it’s big that means it’s not gonna be it’s next there’s no big flame now ordinarily. I would say you want only really good to reduce right like when we enter the seafood you wanted all that liquid to reduce but the point of it this is all that juice and the wine will mingle. When you add the rice the rice is that that’s the first thing that’s going to absorb giving it just the most incredible flavor now. You’re going to think that the seafood gonna get overcooked but because it’s gonna cook for a good 25 minutes it’s gonna actually. you’re almost kind of braising it and gets really lovely and tender and delicious my ginger is another fog oh it smells so, good hot tub outside gently i see a little pinch of hot pepper flakes for a little bit chilly. whatever you have and if i’m into the mocha i’m just going
to add half because this is very spicy now as


You add another layer of liquid now that the first thing the rice is soaking up is those beautiful seafood whiny juices and i’m telling you it makes a world of a difference now once that liquid is all been absorbed and cooked out then you can start adding your hot liquid and make sure that your liquid is always on a simmer and make sure your pan is nice and wide and it’s not a really sort of small saucepan. She’s going to start adding little folds of the stock and you’re going to only add see that’s a really small ladle so,you’re only going to add one or two and then you’re going to stir it in just like that. you need it you need to cover the rice a little’re going to add a little bit more stock.


You’re going to continue to do that for about 25 minutes if, i don’t do the same for about 25 minutes or until the rice is perfectly toasted see we add a pinch of salt now this is the only risotto. You’ll ever find me not not finishing it with parm and butter because every part every resort.i make i always finish it with a dab of butter and a little bit of parm but not the seafood one see if,we don’t want just pure seafood now.i do make another version with tomatoes in it but today is all going to be white you can see this has got some really fantastic texture to it the rice is fully cooked see see see half of the parsley in because you want to be able to give it a good stir because the heat kind of wakes it up it brings out all the flavor stir it in gently my daughter smells so good stir it in gently so you don’t destroy your seafood i almost did tommy twist oh let me get stuck up.