Sauteed Escarole RecipeReady in: 25 mins

I’m Gonna Show You How Italians Make Their Incredible Seared Not Seared But Sauteed Escarole.


  • Escarole
  • Garlic
  • Kalamata
  • Olive Oil
  • Hot Pepper Flakes
  • Salt Pepper
  • Pine Nuts



Let’s get started and you know what I’m not even gonna bother going over the ingredients because they’re so simple but, I just want to show them to you just to get it out of the way you’re gonna need some escarole and all I did with the escarole you just cut it and then I cooked it in some boiling water for one minute and then. I just tongued it right out because that way it does two things number one it begins to cook the escrow because escarole is a tougher green say then spinach spinach is very soft and tender and cooks in seconds escarole it’s a bit tougher and it needs a little bit more cooking time.


I’d give that a head start by boiling them or blanching them really for a minute and also escarole tends to be a bit bitter so by putting them in boiling water the bitterness has a somewhere to escape to so and doesn’t end up in your final dish so you’re also gonna need some garlic, some kalamata ,olives that I have just cut in half and they’re pitted some pine nuts a little hot pepper flakes, salt, pepper and a little olive oil those are your ingredients and it’s very very easy to do now in this pan here. I have about tablespoon of olive oil preheating over about medium-high heat and now to that I’m going to add in my garlic and I don’t want the oil to be hot when I add the garlic because I want the garlic to infuse into the oil and give it a chance to develop its flavor and if I add the garlic to really hot oil it tends to cook quickly and not releasing all of its flavor so, I’m gonna let that go for a couple of minutes or until it becomes fragrant and about not lightly golden brown my garlic’s looking great so, I’m gonna add in a pinch of hot pepper flakes and my pine nuts I’m adding my pine nuts now.


I want them to toast in the garlic oil they’re so good we put pine nuts.I have to add them in there but I just love them so just give that about a minute for the nuts to toast up that’s looking perfect right now now I’m going to add in my escarole now be careful this will splatter so,stand well back when you do this this sound though season it with salt and pepper not too much soft because we are going to add in some salty olives and you don’t want it to be completely salty and overpowering it’s not pleasant so I’m gonna do its cook this for a few minutes and then I’ll show you the next step that’s looking awesome so, now I’m just going to add in my olives and I know that you’re thinking what happened to the escarole escarole just like any other green when you cook it it shrivels down to nothing but the good thing is this has got so much flavor and we have so many cool things in there.


I next to some chicken breast it’s gonna be a wonderful dinner let those Oz cook in there for about a minute or so and I like a lot of olives so, I put in you know quite a few but you know when it comes to cooking especially savory cooking it’s all up to you it’s about what you like it’s about what you have on hand how much you want um something savory cooking for me is never on a recipe it’s never to follow a recipe it’s up to you use your palate use whatever’s in your fridge use whatever you have on it whatever it’s up to you you’re the boss in your own kitchen that’s what my mother told me anyway but that’s looking great so now it’s just time to put it on the plate and that is it that is literally awesome sauteed escarole.