Sangria Freezer Pops Recipe

Ready in: 10 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make Sangria Freeze Pops.


  • Orange
  • White Wine
  • Peach Juice
  • Some Slices Raspbarries



They require like three ingredients,I think that the ingredients are very very short you need an orange nice juicy orange this is some sweet white wine I like to use Moscato and this is some peach juice and then these are just some sliced raspberries and then these are some diced white and yellow peaches if, you want to make this alcohol free then you can substitute white grape juice instead of the white wine the only difference is you might need to add some simple syrup you might need to add a little bit of agave of some sort of a sweetener because it will be asked sweet now like I said this is a white sort of peach sangria vibe because it’s my favorite sangria so that’s the flavors.


I’m going with but you can do it with whatever you you know whatever your favorite sangria flavors are by all means use this here this is not really recipe it’s just an idea that you can use whenever you want if, you want to get together a party you do you these a little freeze pops holders. I don’t even know what they’re called a freeze pop bags.ether the wine pH juice not Pete’s peach concentrate peach juice and then you need the juice of a whole orange gotta stir you a little taste it is so good it is so good it’s getting even better when it’s frozen if.


You want to at this point you can drink it like this we can add a little club soda a little spray a little anything like that just a little bit of bubbly and pour it over ice you got an awesome cold drink but you know that make it more fun a little pour some of it into this little measuring cup because it makes it a lot easier to manage and this is all you do if,you buy these it comes with this little funnel.I suppose it’s called and I call it a funnel and you kind of just stick that right in there and then.I start pouring just a little bit see what it does it fills them up like that and then I just take this out and this is optional and you don’t have to but you know I just like to for fun a couple pieces raspberry a couple pieces of yellow peaches.


I like to put fresh cut-up fruit in my you know regular sangria so, I figured why not add some here you know and then you just go ahead on top it was one more round berry then put your funnel back on and then continue to pour around the fruit you don’t want to go all the way up because you have to give it some space pick this out and then you slime it you snap it right and then. I just lay them flat in a baking dish a baking container or whatever and then once.

5I’m all done I’m going to pop them all in the freezer. I’m going to let them sit overnight and I’ll show you what they look like when they’re done very excited you should be too alright so they’ve been in the freezer overnight they’re completely frozen although keep in mind because of all the lighting down here it gets really really hot so what I do is I just snip the top right.


I think of my little freaks out mmm it’s so, good and it’s so refreshing mmm that’s a sangria don’t be one of those people that bite down on a popsicle is Jesse crazy and goodbye teens hurt when, I see that it’s going to use when teeth are really sensitive to cold but hmm and the absolute best summer tree hands-down above all else you need these in your hand and eat them really quickly.