Salt & Vinegar Chips Recipe

Prepare time: 15 mins
Cook: 30 mins
Ready in: 2 hrs 15 mins

Today I Want To Show How To Make Salt And Vinegar Chips Recipe.


  • Potatoes
  • Peeled Egg
  • Oil
  • Salt



You just need one additional ingredient to my homemade potato chips which just calls for potatoes oil and some salt but the most important ingredient in salt and vinegar chips is this this is called vinegar powder. You get out of a bag of salt and vinegar chips now someone asked if it was the same as just putting vinegar on chips and you get some vinegar it’s nice you want to put vinegar on chips it would make them soggy so the whole point of really good salt and vinegar chips is to get really good crunchy chips and toss them with this vinegar powder now some vinegar powders come with salt and some don’t so read the kind that you buy if yours has already salt in it then. you don’t have to add any additional salt mine and already has salt mixed in so,I don’t need to add any additional salt do yourself a favor buy this online.


You will love it you can trust this with french fries potato chips on your ring whatever whatever you want so once you have that you have the magical ingredient to make song vinegar chips that’s simple that is it it’s really inexpensive now. I’ve prepped my potatoes already just to make life a little bit easier.I slice these nice and thin on a mandolin you can do this by hand as well if, you want to you can see that they’ve kind of curled up a little bit. I’ve been soaking them in cold water for a couple of hours and I did change the water about three times that just kind of gets rid of any excess starch making sure our chips are really crispy and really delicious. I also have some oil in this vegetable oil up to about 375 degrees. I like it between 375 to 380 that’s kind of the sweet spot when it comes to chip that way they’re cooked all the way through and still get really beautifully colored throughout you know all over now you have to do this in batches you can’t add the whole thing in there.


Your sliced potatoes kind of on a single layer and again you’re going to want to do this in stages or in different batches because you want to make sure that you don’t skip on getting them really dry because otherwise if,you were to add wet potatoes to your hot oil you’ll have an entire entire giant mess on your hands and you don’t really want that so all. I’m going to do is put these in a single layer kind of like these and these will be for my first batch and then what I do is I just kind of roll them like this I roll them like a jelly roll and then just kind of squeeze and that you know kind of move them around just for about a minute or so you want these to be really really dry and you want that kitchen towel to absorb any excess water you can use paper towels if you want to I just use a clean kitchen towel so I can use it over and over again.


I’m gonna do this for just a minute and then.we’ll pop them into the hot oil okay it’s all dried up you can almost hear the difference between when they’re wet and when they’re dry you want them to be really dry and then get yourself a spider or anything like you know a spoon Uhler or spatula whatever you want to call it like this makes your life a whole lot easier and and all I do is just put them on here it makes it easy so that I’ll have to drop them from my hand because sometimes oil can splash back and make sure that you only fill your pan a little less than halfway with the oil and then. I’m just going to pop these in here and they’re only going to take a couple of minutes to fry and you want to make sure that you keep an eye on them and toss them around pretty much the whole time so they can get evenly colored.


I’m going to get a plate ready with some paper towel so that they can drain any excess oil.I’m going to cook these in batches then we’ll toss them with that vinegar powder and we’ll have song vinegar chips in our hands all right all my potatoes are fried listen listen listen listen you listen it out that is magic and then you take your salty vinegary powder and really the amount you’re going to need is going to depend on you it’s going to depend on how strong it is so start with a little toss up instantly. I mean instantly the second this vinegar powder hits the chips you can smell the vinegar and it’s amazing and it’s so fine it’s fabulous just do a little bit at a time the mouth is salivating I gotta have one I can’t even deal I cannot even deal with how good this is and I have never made a secret.