Salsa Chicken Recipe

Prep in: 5 mins
Cook in: 40 mins
Ready in: 45 mins
I Want To Show You How To Make Salsa Chicken.


  • Chicken Breasts
  • Small Onion
  • Garlic
  • Bell Pepper
  • Pepper
  • Crushed Tomatoes
  • Some Cilantro
  • Cumin
  • Some Oreango
  • Olive Oil
  • Chilli Paste
  • Jalapeno
  • Vegetables
  • Turkey Sausages



You’ll need or few and basic ingredients you’ll need some chicken breasts this is boneless skinless chicken breast. I’ve got a small onion ,garlic bell pepper there’s some crushed tomatoes but you can also use some chopped tomatoes whatever you guys – can some cilantro. I’ve got some dried cumin and some oregano lil bit of water some pepper,olive oil and then some chili paste or you could substitute chili paste with like a jalapeno that you’ve seated that’s import and you just chop it now let’s get started. I’ve got a skillet they’re getting nice and hot over about high heat I’m going to just season my chicken on both sides with some salt and pepper because I want to sear this we’re not going to sear this and to cook it all the way through


I just want to give it some color so, I’m going to do that in the pan but the pan needs to get a little bit hotter in the meantime you can take your you know onion garlic and bell pepper and cilantro and just put it in the food processor.I’m just going to finely chop this just because well you know why not just going to dice this really nice and fine you could do this bigger you can do a big chunks if, you want to it really is too completely up to you my skill is really hot so,I’m just going to put my chicken seasoned side down season the other side and let these just fear for like a minute or two on each side or until they develop a good amount of color and grab a clean plate and finish dicing my vegetables got some beautiful color on both sides.


I’m just going to remove it this is not fully cooked through and it doesn’t have to be because we are going to finish it in the sauce but now. I’m going to add another tablespoon or so of olive oil I’m going to turn my heat down slightly. I don’t know their table spoon of olive oil and now I’ve got some I’ve got my peppers onions and garlic and I even have a little bit of cilantro that I’ve chopped I’m going to add some of the cilantro now and then some of it at the very end but I’m just going to add these in season them with some salt pepper let me cook let them soften let them develop a little bit of color and that is it that’s going to be like the flavor base to our salsa chicken.


You’ve got some chicken this will work really great with pork chops as well some turkey sausages some chicken sausage is anything like a bean like me would work out really well it’ll work that was really well was fish to like discuss some tilapia anything that’s white that would get on like absorb those flavors really really well I wouldn’t necessarily to do with with salmon because it is a much stronger fish I think that the flavors just clash let those cook for just a few minutes until they again develop some color and soften up a little bit more and then we’ll carry on that looks fantastic now.

5I’m going to add a little bit of chili paste be careful because this can be really spicy until use that because that’ll be really strong if you’re not using chili paste and go ahead and just use a jalapeno but you would add it when you add your onions and garlic and all that I’m also going to add a splash of white wine or a beer just to loosen up those bits you get half so, you can just get this part if you want to but adds a little extra some some special and it also lifts all those flavors that works like a little bit stuck on the bottom of the pan and that cook for like 30 seconds it’s looking perfect and now, I’m going to add my crushed tomatoes think of this almost like a quick cooking really firing with attitude chicken cacciatore that’s kind of what the same down the same lines of that and also my ground cumin and oregano a little bit of S&P it’s all pepper.


We’re going to let this cook for 5 minutes on its own just to kind of bring it to a boil and get it to temperature and then we are going to move on to the next step where you’re that much closer to dinner alright looks good now I’m going to just slide my chicken right back in with all its juices because I’ve all going to cook together anyway kind of really get it into the sauce put the lid on turn the heat down to medium let this cook for about ten to fifteen minutes or until the chicken is fully cooked through and then.


You will have an amazing dinner in your hands in no time that looks great now this makes a lot of sauce because, I’m not using the dish this recipe calls for four six ounce chicken breasts these are slightly smaller because it’s just my husband and I but I make the whole sauce because I love leftovers because I just like to eat a rice or couscous over anything it’s just incredibly flavorful so keep that in mind. I’m just going to add I did season this with a little bit of salt and pepper you just adjust the seasoning according to taste you know it’s completely up to you I’m going to add a bit more fresh cilantro right in just for some a little freshness and if, you wanted to you could also add in when you do serve it you can add a little piece oh it should sailor piece.


But like a little squeeze of lemon would be really lovely just going to take a little piece for myself look at that that big sauce look how gorgeous that is with the peppers and you can really smell the cumin it’s fabulous this definitely goes over some rice for me it’s just delicious or couscous like.