Roasted Winter Root Vegetables Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in: 35 mins
Ready in: 55 mins
I’m Going To Show You How To Make My Winter Roasted Root Vegetables.


  • Root Vegetables
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Some Sweet Potatoes
  • Some Onion
  • Some Potato Garlic
  • Carrots
  • Fresh Thyme
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • Olive Oil
  • Balsmic Vinegar
  • Fresh Pumpkin



You’re going to need some root vegetables.I’m choosing to use some sweet potatoes some onion regular potato garlic parsnips carrots some fresh thyme some fresh rosemary you’re going to need olive oil balsamic vinegar salt and pepper that’s it but if,you wanted to use say a butternut squash some pumpkin and fresh first thing you do is get your oven.I get mine to 425 450 s up to you then I just take a little baking sheet and the lining with aluminum foil helps with a clean up a bit now you can peel your sweet potatoes or you can leave them with a skin on.I’m going to leave mine with a skin on only because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


I happen to think there’s nothing wrong with a skin of a potato or a sweet potato so,I’m leaving mine with skin on and I’m cutting mine into nice big chunks as you can see I don’t want it too fine because I want you to be able to get a nice bite of this so,I’m just going to cut this nice and big chunks and I’m also going to leave the skin on my regular potato which happens to be a Yukon Gold but if,I were using say a russet potato that I would peel it because these skin tends to be a little bit too tough and kind of like that so,I’m just going to peel this I’m just going to chop this doing the same thing to my regular potato leaving the skin on and now for my parsnips and my carrots.


I did peel them I’m not a huge fan of the skin of a parsnip so that’s why I kind of cut it but you can leave it up oh no no I’m gonna leave this just like so because.I love different you know as long as the thickness is the same then it’ll cook evenly but if it thickness was like this and then everything else was this size and it’s time to cook evenly so just keep that in mind whenever you you know kind of cutting something and for me and this is gonna sound funny but for me a carrot a carrot a parsnip is a carrot with an attitude that’s kind of how,I think of a parsnip anyway whoops cut this one the bottom end is always the thinnest so,that’s why I don’t do too much chopping to it down carrots done now.


I’m going to move on to my onion.I’m only going to use about half of this because it’s really important that you keep everything on a single layer otherwise just going to kind of breathe and not roast it will steam but not roasters what I might say not breeze.I’m having a brain fart today so, I’m going to do is just peel if it works anyway if you’re the very first layer of the onion and then keep everything in kind of big chunks because when the onion gets roasted in the oven becomes really sweet and lovely so,I really like that so I just kind of break it apart a little bit as I put it in and now with the garlic.I don’t even bother peeling it because since.

5We’re going to be roasting this at such a high temperature if,I were to peel it it I could run the risk of burning the garlic and when you burn garlic tours no coming back from it it’s horrible it’s bitter and I just don’t like it so what I do is just in the skin and all just right in there because one not rose to the high temperature in the skin it becomes really sweet and mellow and then you can kind of pop it right out of the skin and you can eat it and it is just not garlicky it’s sweet it’s delicious you can spread it on like a baguette.I’m going to chop up some fresh herbs. I’m using some fresh thyme and fresh rosemary but some dry thyme would work fine some dry sage would be great some fresh sage would be great.


You would just want to use sort of a Hardy herb you know the woodsy herb.I wouldn’t use something like basil for this first of all it’s not in season second of all it just won’t go right with such hearty vegetables basil is very delicate so it goes great with a tomato but not something like this so I’m just going to strip all the leaves off the thyme and the rosemary and give it a nice chop just rock it back and forth remember never to keep your hands like this always keep the palm of your hand on top this hand nice and firm remember you’re the boss of your knife remember that you control the knife the knife does not control you.


You’re cooking you know what can I put in there that’s going to offset that sweet sweet flavor and for me it’s going to be some black pepper and then I’m gonna put some balsamic vinegar.I balsamic vinegar balsamic vinegar gets also really really sweet as it roasts but it’s got still a little bit of Tang enos to give each vegetable have a nice bell and that’s a nice balance of flavor it kind of wakes it up a little bit it makes this really delicious worthy of being on your you know holiday table or on your table period so just put some as much balsamic vinegar as you like and then I’m just going to toss this around just so that everything is mixed well and make sure you try to put everything on a single layer you can that looks perfect now.


I’m going to put this into the oven. I have mine at 450 you can put it for 25.I’m going to get nice and hot for about an hour and I’m going to just toss it around every 20 minutes or so you just want to make sure everything is beautifully roasted deep golden-brown and I’ll show you what looks like when it’s done my veggies baked for about an hour and they are so perfect just as this should be completely crisp dark brown texture is amazing look at these ah I’m just going to put these on a platter.


I have been snacking on them here and there because they are just so tasty.I’m doing just chopping up a little bit parsley and this is totally optional and I’m just going to sprinkle it right over the top great pop of color nice fresh texture that’s just if you don’t like them this roasted this dark you by all means can you know roast them a little bit less but this is when I want a vegetable roasted I want to crispy along lots of color that’s a flavor so delicious hmm.