Roasted Pepper Salsa Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in: 10 mins
Ready in: 45 mins
I’m Going To Show You How I Make My Roasted Red Pepper Salsa.


  • Roasted Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Salt
  • Fresg Basil
  • Garlic
  • Scallions
  • Roasted Red Pepper
  • Salsa
  • Balsamic Vinegar



We got roasted peppers, beautiful tomatoes, some fresh basil, garlic, scallions blended it’s an absolute divine mixture spread on a little bit of’re going to need to make this roasted red pepper salsa. you’re just going to need some roasted red bell peppers that I just roasted on my gas stove top until they were nice and charred and then. I peeled them you’re going to need some fresh tomatoes fresh basil garlic scallions some balsamic vinegar extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper now this is my sort of take on my marinated roasted red peppers in my classic bruschetta so it’s like the two combined it’s a perfect dip with veggies it’s great problems it’s a bad get it’s just awesome for any kind of party and with the Super Bowl right around the corner.


I figured I want to share some of my easiest and most delicious finger food ideas with you so this is one of them I’m going to put everything in the food processor makes my life a whole lot easier so in here.I’m going to put in my roasted red bell peppers then we’re going to prep our tomatoes and I’m going to show you what I mean I don’t want any of the seeds from the tomato because it contains a lot of water and it’s going to water down my mixture so what I’m going to do is with a spoon scoop out all the inside of the tomatoes so that I just have the shell and nasca provide great texture and also sweetness which you know a lot of those sweet stuff so battery on it and now just really easy just take your spoon hollow it out that simple make sure you wash them and then you dry them up so go ahead and remove all the seeds next one now.I’m also going to put in my fresh basil my garlic.


I’m just going to give it a rough chop just to give it a head start one clove it’s going to take you a long way and these are just two scallions that I have trimmed and coarsely chopped go right in here along with some salt pepper you want to season everything well otherwise it won’t taste like it should and then I’m going to put in a drizzle of balsamic vinegar about a tablespoon I would say it’s great. I’m not going to put any olive oil yet I’m just going to give this a head start and once it’s a nice coarse mixture.


I’ll start putting in the olive oil that’s nice and roughly chopped give it a nice mix from the side make sure everything’s well blended but this bad ball smells fantastic and now while you’re passing this you’re going to put in a few tablespoons of olive oil or until you get the consistency you like you’re looking for something that’s a bit chunky but not so runny that it comes out and falls off your veggies or your bread let’s just go ahead and that looks good to me look at that smells fantastic mmm like. I said it’s a mixture between roasted marinated roasted peppers and bruschetta but it’s just wonderful you can make this day in advance and it’s just going to taste that much better as it sits.I’m just going to give this a taste. I have a little baguette piece of baguette here that’s going to be perfect mmm mmm fabulous it was quick and easy.