Reuben Sandwich Recipe

Prepare time: 15 min
Cook: 30 min
Ready in: 45 min

Today We’re Going To Make Reuben Sandwich.


  • Bread
  • Buttered
  • Sauce
  • Corned Beef
  • 5 slices Of Swiss Chesse


1We’re going to do is put the bread on the grill as you can see we’ve buttered one side of the bread and that buttered side is up so this is going to be the outside of the sandwich and before we flip it over we’re going to let the inside of the sandwich get a little bit of crust on it so when we put the sauce on it will not get too soggy before the customer has a chance to enjoy it so you want to leave that on for around 30 seconds the other thing you’re looking for is when the butter starts to melt you know that it’s time to flip the bread over.

2Once you flip the bread over see you got a little bit of brown on there beautiful why don’t you flip the bread over you put the meat down so you’ll unroll the meat and then you put each individual slice down on the grill the corned beef is already fully cooked and so all we’re doing it is warming it up so as we warm up the corned beef about 30 seconds the sides give or take you.

3Let it sit a little pop if you leave it on the grill too long you’re going to have it dried out, and kind of rubbery so all we’re doing is we’re warming it up so that’s good now we’ll go ahead and start flipping over the corned beef slices and you can see there’s just a hint of brown on those once you flip the corned beef you put on a half a cup the sauerkraut which is about a all handful of sauerkraut and again we’re just warming it up so now.

4I have to sell crops on the grill he stacks up the corned beef to look the same shape as the bread you want to kind of flip sauerkraut once so you get it warm on both sides and then once that’s all warm you put the kraut on top of the corned beef lines it with five slices of Swiss cheese and then as an old trick from the good old days of grilling you take a water bottle and draw a little line of water around the Reuben that steam will help melt the cheese because remember everything is already hot.

5So now I cheated melting the add the dressing going to make this one with rushing she’s a traditional original way to go ahead and make sure that, that covers the bread not too little not too much and then we actually assemble the Ruben watts still on the grill so he puts that over on one slice of the bread takes the other slice put sucked it over and then it carries that whole item over to the paper slices it at a 45-degree angle well it looks good slices at a 45 and then wraps that’s how you make a Reuben enjoy.