Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Prep in: 25 mins
Cook in: 30 mins
Ready in: 2 hrs 25 mins
I’m So Excited To Share With You My Recipe For Red Velvet Cake.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Unasalted Butter
  • Baking Powder
  • Eggs
  • Baking Soda
  • Vegetables Oil
  • White Vingear
  • Buttermilk



We can get this thing started I need all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, salt, baking powder, baking soda, buttermilk, ring it is sugar, eggs, vegetable oil distilled, white vinegar ,unsalted butter softened at room temperature but now. I extract and some red food coloring and these are the ingredients you’re gonna need to make the cake and then.I’ll show you how to make my classic cream cheese frosting that I couldn’t imagine red velvet cake being without now. I know that there’s different merino versions of what the perfect frosting gives for red velvet cake but for me it’s gotta be cream cheese and the first thing you wanted was the oven preheated.


I have mine to 350 and have 2 9 inch baking around baking pans.I’ve sprayed them with nonstick spray and lay the bottom with parchment paper nothing sticks love that so let’s get this thing rolling real simple the first thing.I’m going to work on is creaming together my butter and vegetable oil now.I’m using mostly butter and a little bit of vegetable oil because I want the flavor of the butter but a little bit of that vegetable oil is going to make the cake a little bit more moist because in all reality I’ve never really known red velvet cake to be super moist so a little vegetable oil is definitely does that you can also use vegetable shortening that works as well.


So,I’ve got my sugar butter vegetable oil in here and I’m just going to cream this together and show until it comes together that my friend is perfection that is what I’m looking for just going to take my spatula and run it along the sides just want to make sure that gets incorporated now I’m going to add my eggs and vanilla now what I’m going to do while those creams together is very quickly how much do I have left of this and a whole lot I might as well put the whole thing in it’s now gone now while this is creaming together what I’m going to do is I’m going to sift my dry ingredients because I really want this to be real smooth batter and sometimes cocoa powder can be a bit lumpy so I’m just going to take these and with patience because you know how much I dislike sifting.


I’m just gonna sip this together and waits for my I make sure to be nice and combined that is looking really good oh yeah give that a scrape all right so that’s done let’s work on the buttermilk mixture it’s crucial how you use buttermilk in this recipe because the combination of the buttermilk with the baking soda is going to help this rise and make it sort of as moist and fluffy as possible so today,I’m going to add a splash of the still white vinegar and some red food coloring now you can make this cake and not have it be red.I mean it all still tastes exactly the same but you know if you want red velvet cake you need red food coloring some people use beets beet juice you can do that I personally just use red food coloring you add as much as you think it you need and a bit more.

5I do prefer the gel kind um because I feel like it doesn’t really have well I don’t think any of them really have a taste unless you’re using like a cup of it but just for a couple’ll be fine so,I’m gonna add in my dry ingredients and add half of those actually I’m gonna add the whole thing along with my buttermilk mixture Kalen this is very very very easy cake to put together it’s really really good too good to be true anyways and then just combine that until you have a nice mood patter dip my cake batter is done and it’s looking perfect so,I’m just going to divide the batter between my two cake pans.I’m going to try and make this as even as possible but you know don’t stress yourself out over it’ll be alright the end of the day guess what all go into the same place you know what I mean and you know we don’t strive for perfection around here we strive for delicious we’re no fancy-schmancy people no fancy-schmancy chefs.


I just won really good home food and I wanted to look delicious but I don’t want to give myself you know nervous breakdown over the fact that it might not be perfectly even are you with me just take your spatula and even at the top as much as you can then the same thing to this one alright go so now,I’m going to pop these into the oven has been preheated to 350 they’ll bake for about 25 to 30 minutes shouldn’t take any longer than that check on it with a toothpick inserted into the center if it comes out clean with no wet batter on it you know it’s done then you need to cool completely and I’ll show you know make the frosting and then we’ll frost them and they won’t eat them and then.


We’ll gain a couple pounds and we’ll do it with pleasure my cakes baked for exactly thirty minutes and I’ve let them cool completely they’re hanging out right back there because we are ready to make the cream cheese frosting that I think rather than anything is not complete that law is simply laughs anyways the frosting is just my classic cream cheese frosting you need powdered sugar cream cheese and butter both obviously bottoms unsalted at room temperature a little bit of milk vanilla extract and I’ve got some chopped toasted pecans totally optional I need them complete my life what can I say I’m going to make this in my standing mixer really simple and really easy key to a perfect cream cheese frosting is having your cream cheese and your butter at the right there have to be room temperature very very soft otherwise you’re gonna end up with lumps no one likes lumps No in there cream-cheese frosting or any frosting it’s going to give these a heads up before I add in my confectioner sugar that looks fantastic just scrape it off the sides with your spatula adding in my powdered sugar okay and I’m just going to turn this on and slowly add just a few tablespoons of milk just something to get it to the right consistency.


I’m gonna let this feel until it’s really nice and creamy I’m gonna bring my cakes over so we can assemble the thing and finally dig in cause it’s been way too long and it’s haunting me the cakes are ready and it’s I’m not able to eat them yet my frosting is done I’ve got a cake plate here a kickstand and I just put four pieces of parchment paper on all sides and this will make sense in just a minute now my cakes are completely cooled and as you can see they’ve gone down because like I said red velvet is a pretty dense cake it’s not a super thick fluffy cake but if yours is like domed up a bit cut off some of the top so you have a nice flat cake and I’m just going to take this out remove my parchment and I like to put it just top side down just to ensure that you’re at you know you got a nice flat flat piece of cake.


I’m gonna take some of my frosting not half of it just like a big scoop of it see if something like that happens don’t you worry because guess what that’s not even gonna make a difference cuz it’s not gonna go on your cakes and some of that I’ve got a spatula just gonna smear this as even as possible now if you’ve got like one of those rotating cake stands that’s fantastic.I don’t have one I should probably get one for as much baking as I do but that’s alright just get nice and even right on the edge okay take your second cake take right out pan take off the parchment and again I’m going to put this like that so it’s nice and flat and now we’re going to do is going to take the rest of your frosting sort of patiently and you’re going to pretty much smear this all over the top and sides of the cake don’t worry if it’s not perfect that meant to be take your pecans and now I just kind of stick them all over the side of the cake like that and that frosting kind of acts like glue and it’s really nice to get like.


I got that crunch it’s great to have different texture because like I always say so much and food isn’t about it’s not always about we don’t all just flavor it’s about texture as well.I want things to be a little bit different you know you want to have a little crunchy little soft a little creamy a little moist that never hurts any money okay now.I’m going to do is I’m going to just pop this in the fridge for just a little bit until the frosting set and then we’re going to clean this up and serve my cake was in the fridge for about ten minutes just long enough for the icing to set a little bit especially in here in my kitchen just because of all the studio lighting it gets through about ninety degrees here in time so,I definitely would recommend that if you’re doing this in the heat of summer and if you don’t have air conditioning running or if,your house is just really warm your kitchen is really warm pop it in the fridge for a little bit for the frosting to set before you go slice it otherwise it’s gonna fall apart pretty luscious for a full part so now.


I’m just going to take each piece let’s see how handy this is I’m just going to take each piece of parchment paper that I put in there and try it carefully with this take this off because that body doesn’t make a big giant mess get a little slice from myself mmm look how beautiful that is hi I’m excited very excited it keeps falling off from a fork one more time we really upset that makes me happy hmm it is so good I almost don’t have words for it it’s not a vanilla cake north chocolate it’s mostly vanilla that’s just been kissed on the cheek by chocolate it’s delicious it’s so simple and easy to put together totally Walsh Wow anyone that comes over.