Thai Curry Clams Recipe

Prep in: 30 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 50 mins
How To Make Thai Curry Clams Recipe.


  • Red Curry Paste
  • Green Curry Paste
  • Heart Desires
  • Some Claims
  • Little Nick Claims
  • Seafood Fresh
  • Some Cold Water
  • Salt Mine
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Some Red Curry Thai
  • Lime Cilantro
  • Some Scallions
  • Some Water
  • Oil
  • Clams
  • Some Lime



Let’s started of ingredients to put together all-time favorites and curry paste like thai curry paste whether it be red or green is one of my very favourite Ingredients of all time and i always like to keep some on hand whether it’s in the fridge or freezer because it keeps for super long and like I’ve mentioned To you before when i use this product. If you’re not used to cooking Thai food everyday usually you do not have all the ingredients to make you know the curry paste from scratch whenever your heart desires. So don’t feel guilty about buying it pre-made. I do it all the time, because it saves me a lot of hassle about having to find these specific ingredients in yadda-yadda as you’ll see these come together in no time and they’re phenomenal. what you’ll need Are some claims. I like using little nick claims for this now what you need to do to your claims to prep them this was what i do anyway you bring them home From the store.


I always like to cook my seafood fresh the day of when i’m buying it. I had to cook it that day and then what i do is i like to scrub each clam individually would like one of those little scrubbers. You know and then you put them in a bowl with some cold water. In a really small pinch of salt mine and i always told me that if you add a small pinch of salt to the water. Whenever you’re soaking claims or mussels it helps them open up and breathe and therefore.
They’ll kind of like leach out their sand. If you will that’s my nonna’s tip then in my whole life and i will never stop you do that and then you drain that water and you do it again three times..


You let it soak twenty minutes each time in cold water nice and fresh and you should have pretty clean clams make sure your claims are nice and fresh toBegin with then what i have here is some red curry thai, red curry paste. You can see i’ve got quite a bit here because we like it very fiery and i’ve got a
Lime cilantro and some scallions and some water. That’s it all you also gonna need a little bit of vegetable oil. But that is it this recipe makes a ton. It’s great for entertaining, you can serve the juices with some white rice. If you want to and really one of the great things about this recipe too. It’s very light one of the beautiful things about thai food is that it’s full of flavor, but it’s a lot of times, it’s very light and in this case.


We’re gonna add a lot of flavor with a red curry paste. But we’re not gonna add very much fat at all. So to my big pan with about a tablespoon of veg. I’m going to add my curry paste and what i like to add it in the oil is because i like to wake it up, i like to give it a minute or so to really. Let those flavors come out. Because it’s been sitting in the tube for a while. So it wants to come back to life. So i’m gonna do that over medium heat and I’ll show you the next step. Add some water and i just like to add enough water to make like a little. I guess just really to blend out those big chunks of the red curry paste.

5Now what’s gonna happen is as you add the clams that may open up and they give up their liquid, it is going to create the most wonderful salty spicy briny Amazing broth that must be served over brown or white rice. Because wow you could serve it with chunks of bread it wouldn’t stop me. I’ve been a car behind Like my whole life. So that’s fine, but it must be absorbed by something amazing because the broth is really where it’s at i like to add i would say about a Cup in total of water that’s good enough. So, you’ve got a couple little chunks but that’s fine.


You want to be careful when you are using a curry paste because it’s very hot. So start with a teaspoon or so and then work your way up from there and now .I’m just going to add and my clams and now also something else. You want to make sure that your clams are all sealed, when they are raw that’s when you know they’re good. If they are open, you want to get rid of them and then it’s the complete opposite. When they are cooked. Once they’re cooked if they are
closed, there no good. If they are open, they are good to party. I’m gonna add them all in and then i’m just gonna put the lid on and then let these cook for about a five to seven minutes or so or until they all open want to make sure that they’re all open so while that happens. All i’m doing over here it’s chopping up my scallions.

7I’ve got three big fat scallions chopped. I’m also gonna chop some cilantro because to me anything thai curry must be ended with cilantro scallions and some Lime. I also make another version of america green thai curry coconut mussel recipe that is absolutely to die for and if you want to see it. Please let me Know in the comments down below so good illegal how good. They are so, I’m gonna chop up my cilantro and i meet you back here with my clams all done. I’m Gonna turn this off. Because what I don’t want is for my clams to overcook. But they smell incredible i like to serve my clams and mussels right out of the Pan. I mean why not you can transfer these into a shallow bowl.

If you want to but this is when I just sprinkle all of the scallions and the cilantro and what happens is they go in the clam shells and then they absorb. You know that they get mixed into the sauce and then whatever you eat them with will absorb. It so nicely and then anything time for me. It’s just a little squeeze of lime just to brighten things up. I’m going to give these a little bit of a stir not much that’s good. I’m gonna go right in and you know what yes the claim will be wonderful. But it’s really all about that juice that i so dynamite i don’t know what to do with myself it’s i don’t even know how to describe him it’s fiery it’s beautifully flavored. It’s so incredibly like its hearty. But light you need to make this it takes no time at what 10 minutes it serves.