Raspberry Creme Brulee Recipe

Prep in: 25 mins
Cook in: 35 mins
Ready in: 3 hrs
I’m Going To Show You A Fantastic Recipe For A Raspberry Lemon Creme Brulee.


  • Some Cream Cheese
  • Fresh Raspberries
  • Confectioner Sugar
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Lemon
  • Little Creme
  • Vanillla Extract



We can get started you need some cream cheese make sure it’s at room temperature nice, and softened, cold, heavy cream fresh raspberries, confectioner sugar, regular granulated sugar, lemon, and vanilla extract that’s it that simple. I mean telling you it’s it’s genius of a recipe if you don’t have a blowtorch this handy dandy little creme brulee blowtorch then turn your broiler on too high which is actually what I’ve done just to make things really easy and I’ve got my ramekins on a baking sheet lined with some aluminum foil good to go now I’ve got it itty bitty saucepan here turning that on and to that I’m going to add in my fresh raspberries now if.


You don’t even want to bother with this step and you can by all means just use raspberry preserves but I think since the recipe is so incredibly simple and easy this is definitely a step that you should do only because it just doesn’t take very long and I want the raspberries to close down for just like a minute but I want them to still retain their their shape I’m going to add some lemon juice to that but before I do that going to zest the lemon in here because I need the lemon zest for my custard mixture let me juice my lemon right in there or your finger so that you can catch all the seeds you need about tablespoon of lemon juice that looks about right all right let those go on till they start to cook down slightly looking good already okay by the way I picked a terrible day to wear white that’s okay we’re gonna do our best now got my lemon zested and lemon zested in there already we’re just going to quickly switch to my cream.


I would normally use my electric mixer for this but I just need this whipped until soft peaks just lightly whipped so I’m just going to do it with my whisk just make sure that you put your heavy cream into a glass container or a metal container and pop it in the freezer for about 10 minutes just to get it really cold so that it makes it easy to whip but just going to lightly whip this up keep my eye on my berries and we’ll pull the whole thing off together in no time this is looking good nice and thick not too thick and done this is really simple guys.I’m telling ya now today, I’m going to add in my softened cream cheese not just been softening your room temperature for a few hours and it is important that it’s soft otherwise you’re not gonna be able to cream it together you know it’s gonna be nice and creamy it’s gonna be all lumpy now this is fantastic to make in the morning if you don’t want to make it last minute you can make it ahead of time pop it into the fridge and you’ve got the custard ready and all you have to do last-minute is put a sugar on top pop it on the broiler and you have grand brulee but it also works fantastic just right away.


I’m going to add some vanilla extract to this and now.I’m just going to start creaming my confectioner sugar and cream cheese together and then we’ll add in the whipped cream add in your lightly whipped cream just gonna get it all out of here but I’m really happy with that they coming together in like no time whipping that cream by hand all right just mix everything together really well you want a nice smooth mixture looks amazing give this a taste hmm oh that is money okay can your ramekins close to you take your raspberry mixture and except to take a little ice cream scoop just to put a little bit too much in that one just to divide the mixture and I just take my ice cream scoop and use that to top my creme brulee and we’ll just go in there a little bit more and even it out letting them out with a spoon as best as you can if,you see the red from the raspberries don’t panic it’s just high that’s just where this now take a grayish sugar and sprinkle some of this right over the top after plenty now.