Quinoa & Avocado Salad Recipe

Prep in: 25 mins
Cook in: 15 mins
Ready in: 40 mins
I Want To Share With You How To Make Quinoa And Avocado Salad.


  • Freshly Chopped Mint
  • Some Diced Cucumbers
  • Salt
  • Some Cooked Chickpeas
  • Quinoa
  • Sieve Lemon
  • Avocado
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil



I’ve got some diced cucumbers and lots of freshly chopped mint.I’ve got some cooked chickpeas and I have here is some quinoa that I’ve washed it’s in a little sieve lemon avocado extra virgin olive oil and salt.I like to cook my quinoa it’s really the same as a package instruction but sometimes when I have recipes that call for quinoa I already have it cooked. I got a lot of questions about how I liketo use it cook quinoa very same way you would cook rice in a two to one ratio so what I have here is a half a cup of quinoa make sure that you rinse the quinoa really really well because it’s got like a dusting of like um sandy powder on Oh in all coating it that gives it a bitter taste so make sure you that you wash it and wash it and you wash it really well and you just you know take a few minutes and then just let it let the water run clear and then what you do so I have 1/2 a cup of quinoa that.


I’ve rinsed really well and then I have 1 cup of water now if, I were making quinoa as a side dish or to go with like a chicken dish or something like that I would use some stock I will use some chicken stock or vegetable stock but I found that for salad the stock just tends to be a little bit overwhelming so,I like to cook it in just water so that’s a you know up total preference though but if,you are cooking it as a side dish just to have as a side dish cook it in some stock so that you get extra flavour because that’s going to be just the side dish itself and also a small small pinch of salt and the tiniest drizzle of olive oil.I’m talking maybe a half a teaspoon that’s it now what you do is you bring this to a boil once you bring this to a boil you lower the heat to by MIDI below you put a lid on it let it cook for 10 minutes then you turn the heat off and let it sit for five minutes and you’ve got perfectly cooked quinoa every single time now what that happens.


I’m just going to take my chickpeas.I’m just going to add them to my big bowl because I just want to clear up a little bit so that we will be ready to assemble our salad this is so good you have to try it.I’m going to make the vinaigrette now.I’m going to add a good pinch of salt a good bit of olive oil because this is going to be the dressing for the whole thing.I also have some mixed greens back there because that’s going to be what this sits on top of and then once you serve up with the avocados.I’m going to add the juice of one lemon start with half depending on how juicy your lemon is or how much lemon you like.


I like it quite lemony so I’m going to do one whole lemon and then all I’m going to do is just take my fork or whatever you have mix this together and set it aside to let it kind of marinate a little bit until the quinoa is cooked and fully ready to be added to this mixture Aquino is perfect you can see there’s no liquid or anything at the bottom of the pan just make sure you fork it with a fork instead of using a wooden spoon so that way flus up really nicely and I just once it cooked for 10 minutes in the boiling water with the lid on turn it off for five minutes.I just took the lid off and let it sit for about 10 minutes so that I could cool a little bit just going to take my 1 spoon to get it out so that I don’t scratch my pan put it right into my cucumber mixture bring this closer to me just give everything a good toss that warm keen what like instantly like awakens the mint and the lemon and it’s just phenomenal this is like one of the best salads.

5I’m telling you in the entire world then. I’ve got some mixed greens here and what I’m gonna do is you’re just gonna pop that right on top it’s so good just wait till you make this and if,we did fit the great thing about this is too you can make a big batch of this like when I make this again I’m going to make a double batch of this and then just keep the greens and the quinoa and everything mixture separate and that way I have a great lunch pretty much all week long and when I’m ready to serve it.