Quick Sausage & Bean Soup Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in: 45 mins
Ready in: 1 hr 5 mins
I Want To Show You How To Make Sausage And Bean Soup.


  • Onions
  • Celery
  • Garlic
  • Carrots
  • Cicken Sausage
  • Cannellini Beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Chicken Stock
  • Iitalain Seasoning



You’re going to need some basics of course you need some onions celery garlic and carrots all diced this is some chicken sausage just is really good quality Italian flavor too chicken sausage did I just slice into little coins this is a can of cannellini beans that I am rinsed and drained and rinsed really well I’ve got some tomato paste you don’t need some chicken stock and some Italian seasoning that this is my Italian sea if,you do own the lower in the kitchen cookbook you go girl then you have the recipe for my Italian seasoning but anytime seasoning will do and because I’m all outof my chicken stock right now.I’m just going to use a bouillon cube but ideally you want to use a chicken stock or vegetable stock I just made a bunch of chicken stock and I use it all within a week because Joe was sick so I made a lot of soups and stews because that’s just how I roll okay you don’t need some salt and pepper too what. I have here in this pot is a little bit of olive oil not extra-virgin just plain old olive oil into it.


I am going to add my chicken sausage and my veggies now my chicken sausage is quite lean how many times man says chicken sausage it’s it’s quite lean so it’s not going to render a whole lot of fat that’s why I’ve got a little bit of olive oil in there and that’s why I can add the veggies in there at the same time because.I’m not going to have to worry about having to take sausage ow enjoying out the fat yada-yada but if you were using pork sausage you would want to do the sausage first take it out take out the fat and then you add your veggies because you don’t want a lot of fats in and your soup give this a really good stir and let everything cook together over about medium-high heat for about 8 to 10 minutes.


You’ve got regular sausage if,you’ve got any sausage if, you’ve got different veggies different tomato products different spices by all means let this just be sort of an inspiration don’t follow it to the chain this just happens to be ingredients.I always have on hands and I’m always a chicken sausage on hand but.I do quite often especially in the freezer so,it’s an easy one for me to go to alright just stirred in my tomato paste now I’m going to add pretty much everything else it’s really simple cannellini beans if you’ve got black beans use black beans if you’ve got kidney beans use that use whatever your heart desires you need your stock in this case it’s just my bullion cube and my water there you go and then a healthy pinch of my Italian seasoning.I really prefer my Italian seasoning blend and like I said if,you have my book.


You’ll have you have the recipe simply because I really really like my personal blend of spices of herbs.I should say but by all means you do you boo because it is your kitchen in fact that’s really a great sign my kitchen.I do me should be a great time because it’s true all right so now all you need to do is bring this to a boil let it simmer for 20 minutes and dinner will be done this smells amazing now if,you want to take things one step further you can add like a handful of rice in here you could add a little pastina Road eat alii a little anything but really for me this is perfect because all you have to keep in mind is that the longer this sits in the fridge the thicker it becomes so if,you were to add any more starch to this aside from the beans you’re gonna have to get you have to add more liquid to it when you reheat it and for me one of the best things about making a big pot of soup or a big pot of anything is that I’m able to eat off of it for a few days since there’s only Joe and I in our household so for me this is perfect because I I get quite soupy but then.

5I know that when I go to reheat it tomorrow it’s going to be slightly thicker so my mouth is watering I have given this a taste for seasoning and it’s perfect.I added just a small small pinch of salt but look at that at this point you can add fresh herbs if you want to you can stir it in some spinach by all means do whatever your heart desires but this is just comforting and delicious and it smells so good if you can really try and get a good quality sausage where there’s chicken turkey pork whatever and get some that are infused like this is an Italian chicken sausage so it’s got herbs and it’s got fennel seed it’s got a little bit of parm in there and it’s also got some.I already said herbs garlic.I couldn’t say the word garlic so it’s got a lot of those wonderful flavours adding a lot of flavor to this without any effort whatsoever so keep an eye out look a grocery store because they’re coming a long way with their selections of specialty meats and cheeses and things like that a mouth is salivating so give me a minute.


I’m going to get a little bit of this and look at the colour – it’s rich and beautiful like it’s been simmering away for hours and hours and it’s only been 20 minutes ha mmm oh that’s good what this needs is some nice Italian Italian Italian crunchy bread for dipping and I would be in soup heaven I hope that you enjoy this recipe as much as I do I hope it gets on repeat your household like it’s been here I mean we are in the dead of winter it is cold we just went through a really big heavy snowstorm so having meals and recipes.