Queso Fundido Recipe

Prepare time: 10 min
Cook: 20 min

Today,we gonna make Queso fundido.


  • Flour Tortillas
  • Oil
  • Mexican Chorizo Sausage
  • Red Chili
  • Little Bit Of Vinegar
  • Some Onion Sliced
  • Poblanos Roasting
  • Poblano Chili
  • Peppers Chile’s
  • Green Bell Pepper
  • Brick Cheese


1I’ve got the Mexican chorizo sausage. Remember that this sausage is like a an uncooked breakfast sausage it’s not cured so it’s got some beautiful red chili in it. And it’s got all kinds of spices and a little bit of vinegar which is what makes this dish so compelling and some onion sliced.I’m going to let those cook together while we talk about poblanos roasting because poblano to me is the really delicious.

2I’m going to make the classic one for you here’s a poblano chili this is what a poblano looks like when it’s in its raw state if you haven’t worked with them before I don’t even want to hear that because this is one of the most delicious well kind of Peppers Chile’s. I guess because it looks a little bit like our green bell pepper but it’s got ten times more flavor it needs to be roasted because it’s got a really tough skin and the flavor comes out when it’s cooked so I roasted this one over an open flame and you can see it’s blackened and blistered.

3I’ve got chorizo and onions cooked now I’m going to add to it the roasted poblanos to the skillet and we’ll let that kind of heat up again and then we’re ready to talk about cheese because obviously this is queso fundido which means melted cheese not a very glamorous name I have to admit but it really describes what this dish is all about so we’ve got our mixture here heating up I’ve got shredded and cheese now you got to have something that’s a little sturdy that is rich enough to make it we and gooey but not something that’s so rich that the fats going to separate out of it right away okay so I would suggest something like a brick cheese or like a Monterey Jack cheese but nothing that is too fancy let’s say meaning that it’s super rich okay so this one is going here over.

4I would say like about a medium high fire I’m going to turn up just a tiny bit and I’m going to add the cheese to it so this is just put through the coarsest side of a stand-up grater and we’re just going to let it stir around here until it all melts now. it doesn’t work because the cheese on the top will be melted but the stuff underneath won’t be and by the time the stuff is melted underneath you know it’s all going to be separating oil on the top and then it looks like just a kind of greasy mess here on the stove top medium-high fire you can actually get everything to melt at the same rate and it’ll be a really delicious amalgam of things so you can start to see you know your mouth starts watering when you see melted cheese like this mixed especially with that beautiful chorizo sausage and you can see just in a minute.

5So it’s all ready to go now how do you serve this stuff well you serve it a little bit like a fondue if you’ve got kind of a fondue pot a small fondue pot I would just put it into that and let your guests go for it but you don’t want to put it over the fire until it is until you’re ready to serve it look at how delicious that looks so I have a little warm gots way luckier just look at that ah beautiful stuff and I’ve got a few hot tortillas I’m using the flour tortillas like they would in northern Mexico you want the strings of course pile that in there sprinkle the whole thing with a little bit of Mexican oregano that’ll add a kind of almost minty like flavor and chow down.