Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 1 hr
Ready in: 1 hr 15 mins
I’m Going To Show You A Very Popular Soup.


  • Chopped Onion
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Pumpkin Puree
  • Heavy Cream
  • Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Lots Of Sugar



You’re just going to need some chopped onions carrots and some celery some pumpkin puree and I’ll talk about this in just a second a little touch of heavy cream some dry sage fresh thyme chicken stock olive oil salt and pepper that’s it simple it’s easy it’s creamy it’s delicious it’s just how I like it now for the pumpkin puree if you don’t want to make your own and I don’t most of the time and then I just buy a can of pumpkin puree but just make sure that it’s just pure pureed pumpkin it’s not the pumpkin pie filling because that’s got a lot of sugar and spices in it and I don’t think that tastes very good in this in this in this recipe now. I’ve got a soup pot here or about medium-high heat with some olive oil in it it’s nice and hot and now to that I’m going to add in my veggies smells amazing already.


I’m going to season them with just a little salt and pepper.I’m gonna add in my pumpkin puree so yummy smells really good already and I haven’t even really done a whole whole lot I’m gonna put in my herbs and some chicken stock I use store-bought chicken stock and I make no apologies for it it goes half the time I don’t even have time to think about having being able to make chicken stock so as long as I buy a good-quality sort of low sodium low salt chicken stock.I’m happy I’m not gonna be too fussy about it now.I’m just going to wait for this to come up to a boil once it’s up to a boil.I’m gonna just partially cover it like so so that you can leave a little opening here for the steam to escape and I’m going to let it cook for about 15 minutes and then.I’ll show you the next step my soup was simmering for about 20 minutes and I just turned it off because I’m gonna puree this now you can do this one a few ways you can puree this in batches in your blender or food processor or you can use a little immersion blender like I’m using just make sure that the heat is turned off you can serve it.


I don’t want it to be you know I’m not gonna be too pin to finicky about it just wanted to get it nice and creamy now, I’m just going to stir this up I put the heat back on because at this point I’m going to add in a little bit of heavy cream and look it’s just a very small amount just a quarter of a cup just want a little extra sort of richness and creaminess and sweetness you can totally omit it if you want to but I think a little touch will be just fine and I’m going to season this with some salt. I’m not going to add any more pepper right over the added pepper and I season this with a little bit of salt because it is quite sweet because of the pumpkin and also because of the carrots so seasoning it well definitely going to make a big difference. I’m just going to wait for this to come to not really a bubble.


I just want this to warm together for about just two to three minutes.I want the heavy cream to get warm you know all the way through and then it’s time to serve alright finally time to serve you then give myself a nice ladle full for just now as a little it’s like a pre it’s a pre appetizer for my appetizer before dinner this it’s so creamy and delicious and there’s really.I can’t blame that on the cream because we use so little of it mmm that if I were the best pumpkin soup you ever eat and it’s so simple and it’s so easy you can totally adapt it.