Royal Icing Recipe

Prep in: 7 mins
Ready in: 7 mins
I’m Going To Show You How To Make A Classic Royal Icing.


  • Some White Eggs
  • Some Confectioner
  • Some Gingerbread



You’re gonna need some egg whites and some confectioner sugar now you want to make sure your egg whites or something you feel comfortable about eating because they’re not going to be cooked um.I mean you’re not gonna eat egg whites ball you know with a spoon but you want to make sure you’re getting some good eggs they’re not old eggs or you’re trying to use up you know what I mean so,I’m gonna use my handy dandy little um standing mixer here because otherwise. I’m gonna have to for too long and I’ve done my work half the day and I’m done so in here I’m just gonna put in some egg whites put this on medium speed medium-high I’m gonna bake these till they’re nice and light and frothy and I’ll show you what that looks like now that the light frothy I’m gonna just reduce speed to low.


I don’t want to get covered in confectioner sugar and I’m just gonna start adding it in until it’s all pretty much incorporated now that that’s all pretty much incorporated.I’m going to put it back up to medium high and let that way pop for about two to three minutes this looks perfect it’s shiny it’s thick its glossy it’s royal icing baby get that out of the way scrape it all off now I’m going to put this into plastic bag where this is just you know disposable little piping bag which my splints in a fix okay.


I’m going to just put this icing right in here just bat all in there now you can use this icing to decorate just about any cookie you have got any cutout cooking so if you wanted to you could also you know tint this with some food coloring.I’m not going to I’m going to decorate this guy right here and decorating some gingerbread cookies.


I want about a tablespoon of grease whether it’s the fat or oil but in this case I want to keep you see all in here this is all such good flavor and I want that so to make my sauce. I’m going to add some chopped scallions this is just a diced’re also gonna need some chicken stock heavy cream whole grain mustard a little white wine chives salt and pepper that is it and all together make for a really really delicious delicious sauce now if,you can see as I’m sauteing these.I’m lifting all that flavor that was stuck in the bottom of the pan that to me.I mean it’s free why not use it it’s so good so,I’m just going to saute these until they soften quite a bit to take about three minutes so,I just add in my white wine I want this to reduce for about a minute and also as you can see these are shallots not scallions but salar ism you know I say whatever comes to mind and you know during the onion family kind of this very similar in fact if.

5You wanted to use scallions instead of shouts at you know what why name two things with the less scallions and shout right I mean pick one you can’t have it both it’s confusing I want this to just reduce a little bit more essentially where I guess about where I wanted I’m going to add my stock really good-quality stock and I’m just going to let this reduce by half it’s going to take three to four minutes so keep an eye on it let it go keep stirring lifting all those bits off the bottom of the skillet and we are that much closer to finishing up our sauce for the chicken it’s awesome add the cream along with your grainy mustard and love the mustard running all the way through pep Bob you need some salt.


I’m going to whisk this all in turn this down and then whisk this in to get it all combined and then let it bubble away for just a couple minutes just so that everything kind of comes together and it’s really lovely and luscious and you can smell the mustard oh! I’m just so excited I’m so excited and it might not look like it’s anything super fancy and it’s not but it is so good you have to trust me so,let this go so just like a minute or two just turn that off add my chives give those a stir oh it just looks so good and that mustard is like slapping me across the face it’s a good slap a slap I don’t mind and then.