Slow Cooker Lasagna Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in: 4 hrs 20 mins
Ready in: 4 hrs 40 mins
I’ll Show You How I Love To Make My Slow Cooker Lasagna.


  • Ground Beef
  • Chopped Onions
  • Garlic
  • Egg
  • Italian Seasoning
  • Olive Oil
  • Canned Tomatoes
  • Salt



You’re just gonna need some ground beef, some chopped onions and garlic, Italian seasoning, salt, olive oil and some canned tomatoes,-let’s get started with the recipe because it’s so easy now I’ve got a pan here with a little bit of olive oil my ground beef is quite lean so, I add a little bit of olive oil to my skillet but if, your ground beef it’s not that lean then you can totally omit it now to my ground beef. I’m gonna just break up as much as I can with my 1 spoon but I’m also going to add the onions and garlic now because,I’m not really looking for the ground beef to like develop a lot of color and crisp up or anything.


I’m just looking for it to get cooked through and so,I’m just gonna kind of break it apart we’re gonna add just a pinch of salt because you want to layer every you want to saw every layer of your Shabba spleen. I’m just gonna let this cook for a few minutes or until.I feel like the beef is just about cooked through that looks fantastic you can see there’s not a whole lot of grease for me there’s nothing for me to really drain so it’s good but if, you’re using a fattier kind of ground beef you might want to discard any grease left over in the bottom of your skillet so now for this recipe I’m using two pans of the red gold diced tomatoes and I’m also going to use one can of the tomato puree of the red gold tomato puree now because I’m using the three cans of red gold tomato product that is providing three meals to family in need so get out there.


Just gonna need to simmer for about 40 minutes or so and once it’s there we’re gonna get building our lasagna it’s gonna be so fantastic and now I’m gonna leave a link down below to help crush hunger calm. when you can go check out and see how many ways you can help crush hunger this month so, I encourage you to do that but for now I’m just gonna let this simmer clean up gather my remaining ingredients and then we’ll get going on layering it up now my sauce looks fantastic it’s been simmering for 45 minutes I turn it off and now we’re getting ready to layer let me show you the rest of the ingredients they’re not very many but they’re very classic lasagna ingredients.


I’m at least for me anyway so all you need are some classic lasagna noodles these are just a standard regular lasagna noodles that you would traditionally have to boil first but in this case we are not and then you need lots of ricotta whole milk ricotta and you can see here I’ve got lots of shredded parm and in egg lots of mozzarella and just some salt and some water now,I want to add a good pinch of salt to my result to my ricotta result done to my recall tell you might be thing in the next we get because it is you know there is parm in here and parm is quite salty but you have to remember we were not boiling the lasagna noodles. so we have to make sure that every single layer is really well-seasoned to compensate for the lack of seasoning in the lasagna noodles if that makes any sense all right to my ricotta I’m also gonna add my egg and I’m just gonna mix it all together all three ingredients with my fork until well combined now.

5I have seen many many people use cottage cheese in their ricotta filling and if that’s what you’re used to and their lasagna filling with the ricotta and if that’s what you used to by all means cut this in half do half recall to have cottage cheese but I’ve never done that so I’ve always just used ricotta that’s how my Nonna makes it that’s how my mom makes it that’s how, I make it alright this looks great can I set that aside now I’ve got my all my components ready sauce noodle ricotta mozzarella liquor it’s like a good song alright get the insert to your slow cooker close to you now you have to make sure that you slow cookers gonna be able to fit everything in it now what I’m going to do now the first thing I did was I oiled the inside and the sides the base and sides of my slow cooker that just means that it helps your lasagna noodles not stick alright.


We show you the first layer because then you just have to repeat okay we take for the very first layer I just need a little tiny bit of sauce here just enough for the noodles not to stick I’m not even counting this like a cup or anything it’s like maybe a half a cup just like that just enough so that my lasagna noodles don’t stick then you put three those for every layer give me three lasagna noodles so the first one in the center fits great but I know that the sides are not gonna face so I just cut them in half right get in here so you can see better and then I kind of overlapped them like so so you cut them in half and you overlap them like so to kind of make them fit because that’s just the only way that this works just like that now.


Your zanya noodles need moisture they need the sauce so ordinarily if I was making a traditional lasagna that I would have to bake I would do ricotta at this point first but that that’s because my noodles would have been cooked and here they are not so I’m just gonna do some of the meat sauce here you want to make sure you don’t add too too much because you gotta have a lot a lot of layers of this right then you add one-third of your ricotta filling show you and if you don’t if you don’t make this all perfectly smeared or anything like that fine because once it cooks all together it kind of starts melting and it does everything he needs to do so you add a third of the ricotta kind of just smear it with your spoon best you canbut really like.


I said don’t go crazy the only pouring part is that your lasagna noodles are covered that is great and then a quarter of your mots so you see it’s easy its roving easy you don’t have to get a pen and paper out or anything but it’s really easy and now you just repeat so three noodles three noodles sauce ricotta mots and you keep doing that until the very top layer is your three leg noodles throw those on your noodles and then I’ll show you how to top it off and now for the last layer you just take your noodles and like I said you you have to kind of fit them cut them to fit your particular machine your particular machine your particular slow cooker and then you just take all of the sauce because this is the point where you want to make sure that your noodles are well covered in the sauce that way they don’t dry out on the very top and you just smear it really nicely and then the very last thing I need to do at this very point is just take you see how that’s like perfectly covered right.


There, I just take a little bit of water you run it around the edges and now you put this on really low you know you turn your slow cooker on to low and you let it go for a total of three and a half hours but in two hour.I want you to go back to it and top it with your remaining mozzarella and then.I go for that hour and a half I’ll show you what this looks like in three and a half hours when it has just cooked to perfection alright so in total my lasagna was cooking for three and a half hours and remember after the first two hours I put the remaining cheese on top and let it continue cooking for an hour and a half and then once it’s gone once it’s cooked for the full three and a half hours I just turn it off and let it sit for a half an hour because just like a traditional baked lasagna you need to let it sit at room temperature in order for it to really set because if, you were to cut into it right away it won’t hold together at all it kind of just fall apart now all.


I do is I just add a little bit of chopped herbs.I like parsley and basil.I just want to get a nice chunk and now you know the first piece is always I always say it’s the cooks treat because it always comes out a little bit wonky because it’s hard to get it out of a pan you know the first one’s always the sacrifice but that enormous sacrifice to me that is just magnificent oh yeah party in the house yeah a little bit of parsley on the top all right now I like to use the diced tomatoes in this recipe particularly because they don’t give you too much excess liquid and therefore it helps the lasagne stay together a little bit better rather than just using all puree this is just perfect look at that I mean that is a good layer lasagna right there am i right or am i right I’m gonna give this a bite.