Osso Buco Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 2 hrs
Ready in: 2 hrs 15 mins
I’m Going To Show You How To Make Osso Buco Osso Buco


  • Veal Shanks
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Egg
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Onions
  • Celery
  • Oregano
  • Olive Oil
  • Crushed Tomatoes



We get started you’re going to need some veal shanks some chopped up carrots celery onions chicken stock white wine some fresh rosemary finely minced fresh thyme bay leaf tomato paste some crushed tomatoes you’re gonna need some dried oregano olive oil salt pepper a little bit of flour in just a few additional ingredients at the end but we’ll go over those when we are at that point all right so,let’s just get right into it the first thing.I want to mention is that I took some kitchen string kitchen twine whatever you want to call it and I just tied each piece of the veal shanks with it and that just kind of helps it keep its shape otherwise it’s going to fall apart as its cooking and you’re not going to get an actual piece on your plate.


You’re going to get you know a bunch of pieces all over the place it’s still going to be delicious but you won’t get all so bucco on your plate so I’ve got a big pan here and I put in about a quarter cup of olive oil and I’m letting that get nice and hot so while that’s happening we’re gonna get to seasoning the actual meat now all I’m going to do is season both sides with some salt and pepper there we go now here’s what I want you to do I want you to dredge each piece on both sides with some just plain ol all-purpose flour and you’re going to have to do this in batches most likely because your pan is not going to be big enough to put all six of them in there while I have a menu making but make sure that your oil is nice and hot so I’m going to put three in let them cook.


Three to four minutes on each side or until they develop a really nice brown color take them out do the second batch and I’ll show you the next step taking out my second batch and remember you’re not cooking these all the way through at this point but you’re looking for that beautiful brown color on each side that’s going to give you tons of flavor so, now I’m just going to set that I and get going on the rest of the sauce.I’m going to turn the heat down to now medium because I was on high because just to get a nice sear if, you have too much oil you can take some out that’s fine for me so now to that I’m going to add in my bed you season it with a little salt and pepper just to draw out the moisture and to flavor everything well and just let these cook for three to four minutes or until they start to soften my veggies are just where I want them so now to this I’m going to add in some tomato paste and anytime.


I work with tomato paste.I always like to add it while I’m sauteing something because it’s been sitting in a little tube for a while and I feel the need to just give it a little light bring it back to life but today and it just tastes so much better in my opinion so I’m just going to stir this in for about 30 seconds and now I’m going to add in some white wine now white wine is super traditional in this recipe but if you don’t want to use any alcohol you can just omit that wine to just add in a little bit more chicken stock but I should tell you that the wine is extremely important in this recipe it just gives it I guess its characteristic flavor of an osso bucco so you should add it you don’t add it you can substitute chicken stock but it’s delicious I’ll let that just cook for one minute just until the alcohol cooks out now after this.

5I’m going to add in just pretty much everything else my chicken stock my crushed tomatoes and I mean there are so many different variations of this I think every Italian household has their own recipe for this is my recipe for it it’s a recipe we use in my family so that’s what I’m showing you today a pinch of dried oregano the fresh rosemary and thyme that’s been finely minced a small dry bay leaf get a small one you don’t want a one too big because then it starts to become the flavors of overpowering just give this a stir just kind of get everything mixed together and now I’m going to just put my veal shanks back in one more now what I’m going to do is I’m going to bring this up to a boil then I’m going to reduce the to low cover it and let it cook for about an hour and a half or until the meat starts to kind of kind of almost fall off the bone I’ll show you what that looks like after it’s there my also bucha was cooking on low covered for a couple of hours and I’ve just taken the shanks out of the gravy or sauce or whatever you want to call it.


I’m just setting this aside they’re perfectly cooked super tender falling off the bone it’s exactly how I want it now I’m letting the sauce cook on high heat just to reduce a little and just seasoning it with some salt and pepper and now we’re going to make something called Graham Alaska which is if you don’t have grandma lot down your Cebu Co then you don’t have osso bucco you just have braised veal shanks so gremolata is a mixture of parsley lemon and garlic and usually real traditional like my grandmother puts anchovies in hers I don’t play that game we’ve all you know I’ve told you guys this before roni anchovies or just not I don’t groove on that so, I leave those out now here’s what I’m gonna do first I’m gonna grab a knife and then I’m gonna roughly chop my parsley just to give it a head start and now in the parsley.


I’m going to put in some lemon zest it’s good and a couple cloves of garlic just grate them in so everything’s already nice and fine that’s good with the garlic make sure you get the back I don’t want to waste any and now with your knife you’re going to chop everything together until you have a really fine fine mixer that looks good just going to put this on a plate because, I am ready to serve okay now what I’m gonna serve this on is extremely traditional it’s risotto let me say you have to have result of the mayonnaise it with osso bucco it’s just to go hand in hand now I’m going to take my real shank it’s falling off the bone tender. I removed the twine look at that that’s going to be amazing oh yeah turn this off and if you have extra sauce like.