Panna Cotta Recipe

Prep in: 5 mins
Cook in: 10 mins
Ready in: 4 hrs 15 mins
I’m Going To Show You How To Make Panna Cotta.


  • Half-And-Half Some Heavy Cream
  • Some Sugar
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Strawberry Sauce
  • Gelatin
  • Lemon
  • Six Ounce Ramekins
  • Cornstarch



Now let’s go over the ingredients to get started you’re going to need some half-and-half some heavy cream some sugar tiny bit of lemon peel water unflavored gelatin vanilla extract and those are your ingredients for the pun my cult apart the strawberry sauce is going to come a little bit later on now. some cold water there we go and I’m going to leave that aside literally for just a couple minutes until the gelatin softens so am I now in this little teeny tiny saucepan.I’m going to put in my heavy cream my half-and-half my sugar and lemon peel and this is just the rind of lemon very small amount not a whole lot at all but that’s going to go right in putting the heat on medium and what I’m going to do it’s cooked this until the mid mixture of the cream and heavy cream the cream in half and half is right at simmering point you don’t let this to boil.


You want it to be right at the simmering point our cream mixture is perfect you can see it’s simply because right around the sides you guys these little teeny tiny bubbles and I’m going to just turn it off very important now I’m going to add in my softened gelatin and it’s really soft it’s got a really funky texture at this point but that’s what’s going to help it set so at that mmm vanilla extract off the heat that’s good you can also use a vanilla bean if you have it with scrape out the seeds first I don’t have one they’re really difficult to find in my supermarkets I always use vanilla extract so I’m just going to stir this around for about a minute.


I’m not I know I know it sounds ridiculous but you want to just mix in a gelatin really really well that looks perfect okay now. what I’m going to do is I’m going to strain this through a fine sieve just because if there’s any pieces of gelatin that have it melted or some of your cream has curdled doesn’t get into your final dish right so now you’re going to take a couple ramekins and the amount of it this makes enough for four people if you’re using like six ounce ramekins these are a bit bigger than that so, I’ll be able to get two to three using these big ramekins but it’s gonna be so good there you go yeah let’s just fill them up how about that now all we’re gonna do is cover these tightly with some plastic wrap because these are going to go into the fridge overnight so important that these go into the fridge for eight hours at least two overnight because then a lot of time to set so if.


I’ll see you tomorrow morning my panna cotta has been in the fridge overnight and before we take that out we’re going to make strawberry sauce now the ingredients were super super simple all you need are some frozen but thawed strawberries a little bit of water some cornstarch a little tiny bit of sugar and some lemon now. I like to use the frozen strawberries for this because I think it makes a much more jammy like sauce but if you want fresh berries if you have fresh berries and use that and you can also use this with raspberries if you don’t have strawberries but I like the strawberry so that’s why I’m using that so this is how easy this is I’m going to take my berries in the juice and everything.

5I’m going to put that right into the blender along with a tiny bit of sugar or to taste.I mean it really depends on how sweet your berries are a squeeze of lemon – any the pit there we go and then all I’m going to do is blend this up and puree it which should only take less than a minute that looks good now what I’m going to do is I’m going to strain this in a to refine sieve right into my saucepan and because it’s such a fine sieve it’s going to take a few minutes to get through but it’s really really worth it because you just get a super smooth oh look at that it’s going to be super smooth and really delicious so just take the time get a 1 spoon to help your spatula and just do this until it’s all through it goes the last of my sauce see all those seeds and stuff you don’t want that into your sauce you want it to be completely smooth and that is perfect so all.


I’m going to do now is turn this to medium and I’m going to bring this up to a simmer but in the meantime what I’m going to do is I’m going to take my water and cornstarch and I’m going to make like a slurry I’m going to make mix these two together so that that way I’m not going to add the cornstarch directly to my strawberry puree otherwise it’s going to clump up so that’s smooth and perfect let that come up to a simmer and we’ll finish it my puree is up to a simmer so now I’m going to add in my cornstarch mixture mixture and all I’m going to do is continuously whisk this for a few minutes or until the pH thickens one and dead-set one it just like thickened to the point where it’s almost like a heavy cream consistency we’re going to put it in a bowl and let it cool that looks perfect nice and thick.


I’m going to turn this off I’m going to pour it in a bowl see it’s got a really lovely thick consistency now I’m going to let this cool completely and as it cools it will thicken so let it cool it’s going to take about a half hour or so or until whenever so however long it takes the cool is what I’m trying to say without spilling this little pan but anyway I’m going to set it aside let it cool clean up and then we’ll finish it now that our sauce is completely cooled it’s time to serve now.