Salmon Cakes Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 10 mins
Ready in: 25 mins
I Want To Make A Salmon Cakes Recipe.


  • Salmon
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Egg
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Mayo
  • Chiveslemon



You can get started you need some cooked salmon and I’ll talk about this in just a minute an egg some panko breadcrumbs a little bit of mayo chives lemon washes your sauce salt and pepper these are the ingredients make the actual cakes and then I like to make like a little dill mayo to serve alongside now. like I said these are very simple and very easy I like them this way because I want the flavor of the salmon to be the star I want the salmon to be the star I don’t want to put a lot of veggies in here I don’t want to put a ton of stuff because then you don’t taste the salmon so now for the salmon this was just one big piece of salmon that I cooked that I already cooked up and had leftover


So I’ll just flaked it up and it’s ready to go but most of the time you can already buy cook salmon at your local grocery store in the fish section and you know the fish counter or if you’re really in a pinch on you can always use canned salmon that’s perfectly fine you’ll just need to buy a little extra than what the recipe calls for because the tin has a lot of water into it so that’s it you can use any kind of cooked salmon you’ve got and it will work and I’ve just flaked it here or the fork it’s still in pretty nice large chunks which I like now in here I’m going to add my egg which is the binder along with my breadcrumbs which I’m using panko bread crumbs for this and I love panko bread crumbs because the really lights they’re not as compacted as regular breadcrumbs which is why I like to use in this way doesn’t give you a dense and heavy cake it just makes it really light and delicious but it just it does hold everything together a little bit of mayo you could also use creme fraiche and I have many many times.


I need some lemon zest now this is optional but I do I do love this it gives you a little extra some some books well let’s create that pour now it gives you a little extra some some and I am a self-proclaimed lemon queen so got to use it now I’m using chives here instead of regular onions because at one I don’t have to cook them and two they’re very very mild so that’s why I’m choosing to snip in some chives and I find it really easy to snip these with a scissor rather than cutting them don’t think that I’ll do let’s save those and then just a splash of oyster sauce not too much that’s good and some salt and pepper so as you can see they’re really easy and the great thing about these too I don’t deep-fry them I don’t even really shallow fry them I just put I just cook them in a couple tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet they’re really light so delicious really full of flavor from the salmon and they’re fantastic on their own in a sandwich or on a salad which I love so anyway I hope you enjoy this recipe I’m just going to mix everything together with my fork when you could use a spatula.


I’m actually need a spatula just to combine it all together don’t break up the salmon too too much because you want those big pieces running through that looks great now what I’m going to do is I’m going to cover this with some plastic wrap and pop it in the fridge for about an hour so I’m told the mixture firms up a bit and now these aren’t going to be the kind of patties you slave over to form them and then dip them and things like that I’m just going to really easily saute them but for now I’m just going to pop these into the fridge will pop this into the fridge so that the mixture can kind of cool and come together a bit and then I will show you how to cook them up my mixture was in the fridge for about an hour it’s looking really really good I’ve got a skillet here which is a couple tea spoons of olive oil preheating over about medium heat or so between medium and medium-high not too hot now to cool before we get to putting actually cooking these up because that’s still preheating the little mayo condiment or whatever you want to call that making it’s going to consist of just some good Mayo I’ve got some little baby cornichons some fresh dill hot sauce and we’re going to use some of the lemon juice of salt and pepper.

5I’ve got the plastic wrap from the top and you could use some really good creme fraiche if you don’t want to use Mayo which if I find it I usually buy it and that’s what I use but it’s not always easy to find here my supermarkets so I’m using some good quality Mayo which I should probably share with you my recipe from my homemade Mayo let me know if you want that because I do make a killer homemade Mayo if,I do say so myself so anyway what I’m doing I’m scoring this mixture in four because I’m going to get four patties out of this let’s see that’s not quite hot enough yet for this baby up just a little bit as you can see the thing I love most about this recipe is that you can see there it’s all salmon it’s not a ton of us a ton of veggies a ton of breading it’s just delicious beautiful salmon.


I’m just going to wait another minute or so and then we’re going to put in these right now scale it take my mixture just kind of really freeform them in your hand again nothing crazy no dipping no nothing right in there just come up with temperature just a tiny bit more and they hold together super well that’s because we use the egg and the panko now there’s just going to be my husband and I for dinner tonight but I’m making all four of these because we’re going to eat one each for dinner it’s like a little appetizer and then we’ll keep the other two to put on a salad tomorrow for lunch or sandwich I’m going to probably put it on some mixed greens with like a little chive vinaigrette and I know he’s probably gonna want it in a sandwich with the mail I know him I don’t head very well let’s put these in he’s gonna cook for about four minutes on each side or until the lightly golden brown all right last one in and I didn’t see they’re not being deep-fried they’re hardly being shallow fried at all there’s just a couple tablespoons of olive oil in there and that’s it I’m going to clean up and then.


We’ll get going on making our Mayo the crab cakes cooks for about four minutes on one side.I flip them and they’ve just got about a minute left to go in the second side so what that’s happening I’m just cutting up my little baby corny Sean’s here which I love kind of obsessed with these now you can add as much or as little of this as you want you can completely leave them out I mean it’s really up to you we just love them around here so how to add some in especially with the dill and with the salmon because you know don’t salmon go great together so I just felt the need just add some of this in there and you can chop them even finer if you want but I like bits and pieces running through them so then I’ve got some fresh dill I’m just going to give this a rough chop as well now some people don’t groove on dill um but if I guys mentioned I think dill and salmon goes so fantastic together especially with leg up the Cornish on let’s pickled it’s just it’s a ton of my combination so if you’re going to add some in and then I’m going to add just a little squeeze of the lemon we zested not too much.


I like to do it over my fingers to catch the seeds even though one just sneaked away from me let’s grab that alright – hot sauce like it spicy around here although I’m I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to hot sauce salt and pepper I was doing it backwards of course and now I’m just going to give this a nice stir to combine before I do that let me take my salmon cakes right out these are looking fantastic that is done nothing is done all right I’m gonna give this one a try with this one closest to me they’re not full of oil they’re not complicated to put together but they are delicious and I love salmon like I said so this is gonna be I’m going to eat it with my hands don’t judge you’ve done it Oh ha that was my I’m so half-breed got to eat those Dan’s super good crunching you can taste the salmon.