Prosciutto Parm Twists Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 35 mins
I Want To Show You To Make The Best Super Quick And Easy Appetizer Prosciutto And Parm Breadsticks.


  • Sliced Prosciutto
  • Parm
  • Little Italian Seasoning
  • Little Bit Of Flour
  • Egg
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Lovely Herbs



You’ve got some thinly sliced prosciutto here puff pastry that I’ve thought a good amount of parm a little Italian seasoning and then you just need a little bit of flour just to Surt a to dust your surface and an egg wash which is just an egg bean with a little bit of water or milk I’ve got my oven preheated to 375 I’ve got a baking sheet lined with some parchment paper and we’re gonna go and like right into it because it’s so easy. I’m just kind of moving it with my hands I’m kind of just almost rolling it out with my hands because this was thawing for quite a bit it’s really pliable. I’m cutting I’m kind of rolling it into about an inch bigger on all sides but I’m really not gonna make myself crazy so, this just looks perfect so here’s what you do next is you take your egg with a little bit of water like.


I said or milk whichever you got and you’ll know it is that I didn’t I didn’t put any flour on the surface of my puff pastry because I don’t want it to collect underneath the prosciutto in the palm like glue if you know what I’m talking about so I just kind of dust it off with my hands and then you just take your egg wash and you just paint it and what this does it it really helps the parm adhere to the puff pastry and the Italian seasoning it almost becomes one if that makes sense so it doesn’t a good amount will really stick to it and it won’t fall off just brush it from end to end and then you just take some fresh parsley grated parm there’s just no substitute for it so did you get the good stuff here.


I want to really have a bite with anything missing and then you take thinly sliced prosciutto. I mean doesn’t really matter and then you just take one and then when I find that the easiest thing to do is first of all cutting them with a pizza cutter is absolutely your easy easiest method sometimes the prosciutto snags but you know that’s life. sometimes you get snags in life but you know we move right on moving on moving on okay then you just take it you place it on your baking sheet if one sits on your baking sheet.I feel like it’s a little bit easier that to twist it so that’s when I kind of go in and I gave it a I gave it just a few twists like so okay.

I’m just gonna continue to do all of them and I’ll show you what they look like when they’re done alright once you have them all kind of twisted on on your baking sheet then you just add a little bit of this egg wash kind of on the places where you see the puff pastry this helps it become really lovely and golden brown and it’s so wonderful just to look at that I just think that going the extra mile of doing this makes a big difference and you know if,you’re gonna make something that it requires such a few ingredients and it’s so easy to do by all means go the extra mile and make it really nice now

5I’m sure that you will do a much better job that I will when it comes to turning knead and twisting them but really that’s not my special team evenness and perfection is not my specialty but if it is yours and more power to you so you’ve had that all on there then I just take some parm right and I just kind of sprinkle them all I’ll just sprinkle it all over the top cuz I want it to really stick to that egg wash and to really everywhere because a little bit of parm is good but a lot is better and then final touch a little back pepper because black pepper goes so well with anything with a lot of parm lot of cheese so no salt because you’ve got already the salty portion stuff but this pure perfection all it needs is about 20 minutes or so in a hot oven.