Prosciutto Chicken Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 30 mins
Ready in: 1 hr 45 mins
I’m Going To Make A Parmesan And Prosciutto Chicken Recipe.


  • Chicken Breasts
  • Peppers
  • Salt
  • Asparagus
  • Prosciutto
  • Parma
  • Fresh Thyme
  • Lemon
  • Galic
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil



You can get started you’re going to need some thin chicken breast, you’re going to need some prosciutto de Parma, you need some fresh thyme ,some asparagus,lemon,garlic, salt, pepper. you of course going to need some extra virgin olive oil so, as you can see very simple few ingredients but it’s going to be a very fantastic easy easy easy dish and you’re going to love it okay first thing.I’m going to do is prep our chicken what I have here is four slices of thinly cut chicken breast pound them thinly you can do them yourself you can ask your butcher to do it or you can just buy them this way I just buy them this way.I’m going to lay them out like that because.I don’t want to touch raw poultry so once I have all my stuff ready and I want to touch it.


I’m going to season them with a little salt and pepper just like so okay now we’re going to build flavor okay this is this was one of the recipes that was very popular at the restaurant that my father owned so,I’m really excited to show up with you guys. I’m just sprinkling some fresh thyme directly over the chicken breast because what I’m going to do is I’m going to cover them with the prosciutto and when we sear them the procedures are they’re really crispy and then we’re going to have Parmesan cheese and time in between the two that’s going to keep it really flavorful it’s going to be out of this world so just take a little fresh thyme and just all over the chicken just sprinkling some fresh parmigiano-reggiano all over the top I’m placing one piece of prosciutto over each chicken breast that we prepped with the thyme and me parmesan on now place in in a good-quality parmigiana and also a very very good quality prosciutto prosciutto di Parma is number one and for me Parmesan Reggiano.


I love to buy it in as a block instead of already grated because I don’t like the consistency that it is when it’s already graded and I can’t find you know the authentic pan me john mcdonald already greeted the stuff that they sell and the grated pax is the stuff that they sweep off at the place where it makes real cheese alright the chicken prepped done the asparagus now all i did to these was just cut them up but i left to hold just to show you guys how you know where to cut your spirit is this end of the asparagus is very tough and woody so how do you know where to cut it it’s easy it’ll tell you itself just bend in the part that it cuts off that’s a tough part you don’t want that so just the same thing that’s not good however what you can do is because you know i want to throw anything away i take them once i have like a good you know pile of them which I do in the fridge I take them with a little bit of garlic a little onion.


I Bowl them down and it makes a fantastic stock that I use when I’m making risotto primavera or anything that I want to have a little bit more flavor all right we got our veggies prepped let’s head over to the stove so we can start cooking I have two nonstick skillet here both of them with about a tablespoon of olive oil in there and in here. I’m going to add some fresh sliced garlic this is going to be for my asparagus and you just want to put that up until the garlic becomes fragrant perfect and in here. I’m going to add in 1/2 both of a medium-high heat. I’m going to add in my chicken breasts I’m gonna add them in the prosciutto side down remember that so one at a time prosciutto side down beautiful beautiful sounds our garlic is browned up and it’s really fragrant now. I’m just going to add in my asparagus and this is a Romanian high heat season. I will fill the pepper and just let these cook stirring them once in a while that is cooking for the develop like a brownish color on them.I kind of like crispy a little bit let alone now over here I had my chicken breast so I put down pushing so side down.

5I’m very important step don’t touch it leave it alone season this side because the side one is easy with a little salt pepper helps keep those and you want to flip this when as you can see right here you see how it looks like the chickens like cooking about halfway through and the bottom you want to cook it when it’s just about that ready to go as you can see it doesn’t it’s not as pink anymore and you can see on both sides that it’s just about cooked a half way through but at this point you want to flip it so I’m going to wait and do that I’m going to do that first and then I went into the other ones.


when I feel like they’re ready to be flipped but really important don’t over cook your chicken otherwise.I have rubber it tastes awful so just flip them that one’s perfect you just grab.I want to show you it’s absolutely perfect the procedures crispy into the time.I can smell the parmesan oh this one’s ready as well my chicken is done we’re literally two to three minutes per side you’re gonna put it on a plate. I’m going to leave the big one in there for a couple more minutes not even let me be like 30 more seconds take that out our asparagus is working beautifully now we all want to discard this will be completely cooked out sub down to B will machine look at those garlic see the garlic nice and brown and crispy that is so delicious surrogates is perfect you’ve been cooking for about six minutes it’s going to hit it with a little lemon zest right before I turn off the burner my LM invested in there.I’m just going to squeeze a little fresh lemon juice so, I just turn Mike’s MYSA heat off but this one it.


We can set this up we got our spare igus done our chicken done time to plate any okay here’s what I like to do take some of the asparagus which are perfectly cooked nice tender crisp.which I live fan them out a little bit you want them to be a nice little bed for your chicken take your chicken breast it’s perfectly cooked.I mean look at the juiciness of it I just want to show you a little bit what it looks like so so juicy I love that crispy prosciutto just put it right over the top fan it out a little bit.I’m just gonna do two per person you’re not that big like that then to really put this over the top.I mean you could serve it.