Turkey & Cranberry Croissant Panini Recipe

Prepare time: 20 mins
Cook: 20 mins
Ready in: 40 mins

I’m Going To Make Pressure Cooker Beef Strew.


  • Vegetables
  • Small Onion
  • Five Medium Carrots Dice
  • Baking Potaoes Cube
  • 2 Pound Of Beef Strew
  • 1 Tablespoon Of Vegetables Oil
  • Cornstarch
  • Two Beef Bouillon Cube


1you’ll need all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, some unsalted butter and it’s been it’s really really cold cut into small pieces heavy cream an egg and a vanilla bean.you also need some egg wash. which is just one egg and a little bit of water. I’m going to beat together and actually some raw sugar totally up to you. I have to have some raw sugar or any scone. I make and you know that because I love that crunch now the first thing. you want is get your oven preheated to 400 the second thing. you wanna do is take a baking sheet and lining with some parchment paper you want to get that ready and if, you watch where I get going so, I’m going to take my heavy cream and this is a vanilla bean truly believe this is one of the most amazing ingredients.

2I have ever used in my life especially of course in baking it’s just unbelievably good and I tell you what nothing will taste the same to you after you use a vanilla bean. I mean it’s just amazing so, I figured. I’d show this recipe because it is really really yummy so, I’m just going to cut this right down once you cut it down you just take your knife a little paring knife and just run it down and you want to get all those vanilla seeds right there that’s. where all the goodness is put that into your heavy cream. I’m just going to do this side now. I couldn’t find them at my local grocery store now they’re carrying them. I’m just so excited vanilla gelato has never been more delicious so, I’m gonna do the same thing to this other half get it in there not these pieces please do not throw them away put these in a container with some sugar in it leave it there and you had the most amazing vanilla sugar in the world.

3 I’m telling you and I actually like to give it away to friends because it’s great to sweeten up anything you want with it. whether it’s your coffee or whatever it’s just got delicious flavor mix this in. I’m gonna let this just sit here for a few minutes while. we work on the rest of the batter or to make sure the dough. whatever you want to call it in this big bowl. I pretty much have all my ingredients in here that. I need to combine the sugar the flour the baking soda powder and salt give those a mix. I’m going to put these into my standing mixer that. I have fitted with a paddle attachment ovens preheated as well all right now to that. we’re going to add in the cold butter super important and the butter is cold so, that you can get that really flaky buttery scone try this on and just let it mix enough until the butter is distributed throughout the dry ingredients in little small pieces that resemble the size of a pea.

4I’ll show you why let’s look once it’s there that looks fantastic and I’m going to take my cream and vanilla mixture and one egg it’s gonna beat hese two together just to give the egg a heads up there. you go see those specks of vanilla beans and towel and your wait till these go into the oven it’s gonna be amazing pour that. you take a spatula because. I want to get every last a little bit of that mixture in there okay. I’m just gonna mix this enough to combine toward the dough comes together and then. we’ll get going on forming them get all the dough out grab my spatula take the dough into your surface. I have a little bit of flour near me in case. I need it and then. I just use my hands just to form a disc that’s about 3/4 inch of and 3/4 of an inch thick.

5you want to put too much flour but you do want to put enough so, that it holds together and that looks perfect. I’m just going to take my knife a little bit of flour.I’m going to cut this into little squares you know how this goes make little triangles like the it’s just the classic scone shape put these a couple inches apart from each other. I love those little specks of vanilla it’s like ridiculou. how something like that could make me happy because I know the end result is going to be quite amazing so, just put them on the baking sheet that you have lined with the parchment paper so, then nothing sticks the last thing. I want is for something to stick and not come out right especially if, your splurging a bit by buying the vanilla beans. which like I said can be a little bit pricey but also worth it.

6I’m going to take my egg wash.I’m going to brush each one liberally this is going to make it nice and golden brown and it’s also going to help the sugar stick to the top perfect and now just tap each one with your raw sugar and that’s it very very very simple but so, good perfect for a cup of tea or coffee mm-hmm all right these are going to go into the oven and they’re going to bake for about 17 to 18 minutes or until they’re beautiful golden brown color well. I’m cool for a little bit. I doubt you’ll be able to resist them.I’ll show you what they look like once they’re finally done my scones baked for about 17 minutes and they are perfect total beautiful golden brown color it’s so, amazing.