Spinach & Potato Frittata Recipe

Ready in: 40 mins

Today we’re going to make a frittata with spinach and potatoes.


  • Spinach
  • Potatoes
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Eggs


1We’re going to start by cutting our potato it’s really important to cut it really small so that it cooks quickly then we’re going to saute it with the spinach before we add it to our eggs so I’m going to cut it in half and then in sections so now it lays flat and I’ll cut it in strips this way and it’s important when you’re cutting things to cut everything the same size so that it cooks evenly if I had some huge pieces of potato and some really small ones the small ones would burn and the big ones wouldn’t cook in time they’re just nice little dice here same for the next piece perfect so now we’re ready to go cook these off with our spinach so we’re going to start by cooking the potatoes and the spinach for our frittata.

2So, I’m going to heat these pans up alright I’m just going to heat some oil in the pan get these potatoes cooking and the potatoes are gonna take awhile and we want them to cook almost all the way through because the frittata is gonna cook pretty quickly I’m just gonna let those sautà a little bit of salt and the spinach I just wanted to kind of shrink down so I’m gonna keep turning it so the bottom doesn’t really Brown it just soften give these a stir so that they’re cooking on all sides and it’s sticking a little so I’m going to add a little more oil so these potatoes look like they’re almost done and it’s turn the heat down here and actually turn this off and add the spinach into the pan with the potatoes and now this is ready for our egg mixture so I have some scrambled eggs.

3I prepared before and I’m just gonna pour it over the potatoes and spinach and I’m gonna stir everything around so that it’s even and combined and every bite has a little bit of potato and a little bit of spinach I’m also gonna scrape down the edges so that it starts to set and you can tell that it’s setting when the edges kind of look like scrambled eggs so we want it to really really get get almost set into the middle and then we’re gonna finish it in the oven and it’s gonna get nice and fluffy so just keep sort of scraping down the sides I can see that it’s really getting firm so it’s ready to go in and it’s turn the stove off and it should only take about five to ten minutes to finish at 375 so the Furtado’s been in for about five minutes I’m gonna check on it to see if it’s set in the middle perfect when I jiggle it it doesn’t move that means it’s set so it’s ready to go that was a spinach and potato frittata.