Pork Chops with Apple & Onions Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in: 25 mins
Ready in: 45 mins
I Want To Show You How To Make A Pork Chops With Apple &Onions.


  • Bone-In Pork Chops
  • Apples
  • Salt
  • Yellow Onions
  • Apple Cider
  • Little Chicken Stock
  • Butter
  • Olive Oil
  • Rosemary Sage



You’ll need some bone-in pork chops preferably there would be about an inch thick these are the thickest. I could find at my local grocery store they’re about a half-inch but they’re going to do the job just fine. I’ve got some apples these are Gala apples you can use whatever you like I’ve got some yellow onions as you can see both the apples and the onions are not too thin otherwise it would kind of soften too quickly.I have apple cider a little chicken stock poultry seasoning, butter some salt and I have a little tiny bit of olive oil. I like making this in my cast-iron skillet I love my cast-iron skillets particularly if you’re trying to get really good color really good carmelization on something it’s just they’re the bomb.


So, I’m only going to use three because otherwise. I’m going to overcrowd the pan and I would steam them rather than sear them which is that don’t want to do so to my pork chops. I’m just going to season them on both sides with some salt and some poultry seasoning now.I know poultry seasoning you’re thinking okay well then why are you using poultry seasoning or pork chops. I don’t know why it’s called poultry seasoning I mean I guess because it goes really well poultry but it also goes really well with pork and it’s got rosemary sage thyme all those wonderful herbs that go really well with pork so but you can make the same recipe using chicken if, you want to you can use turkey cutlets if, you want to they would work really great so awesome my skill is should be really nice and hot.I’m going to put my pork chops in so that I can then sear a season the other side let’s test it yep you’re gonna fall fantastic and now. I’m just going to see if I were to add a fourth one.


Where am I going to add it I got to take everything out for another one in and then.when I add it all together it’s not going to work I’m just going to season this other side and these just need to see her for a couple of minutes on each side just for colors they’re not going to be cooked all the way through yet that’s not what you’re looking for so, I’m just gonna keep my eye on them and then we’ll move on to the next step I also have just a couple of small tears leaves a fresh sage in with my onions and my apples as well most forgot these look gorgeous.I mean look at the crust on those babies I turned the heat down a little bit


I had the heat on high just because I want that crust and that sear on the pork chops I turn it down to about medium at this point I’m gonna add a little bit of butter because this is kind of going to make like a saucy delicious fruity oniony the goodness I don’t even know how to explain it I’m just going to wait for the butter to melt it a little bit.I’m going to add my sage onions and apples I’m just going to make sure that they keep you want the heat to be high enough so that it caramelize does everything and gives everything good color kind of right away but you don’t want to be too high that it burns everything without giving the app I’ve lost these apples.

5I’m so excited. I swung it out of pan okay it’s going to keep my eye on the apples and onions so just gonna take probably about three minutes and then picked up the heat a little bit because remember.I don’t want these to soften come lately so,I’m just going to let these go for a few minutes and I’ll show you what they look like when they already these look absolutely gorgeous. I don’t want to take them any further.I’m going to add my apple cider make sure you don’t buy spiced apple cider for this in fact if you don’t even have any apple cider or hands go ahead and just use all chicken sauce simply because.I don’t want you to go out and buy a gallon of it it’s only if you’re only going to use 1/4 cup it’s just unnecessary that looks fantastic.


I’m going to add my pork chops back in so, I’m going to finish cooking them all the way through and I don’t want to overcook my apples so you can see what I’m doing there is I’m kind of pushing them a little bit to the side so that they don’t overcook but that this way all of my pork chops finish cooking perfectly this is the thing I love about Laura in the kitchen.I think that you guys do as well what I love is that what I’m sharing with you is food that I love to eat it’s home food it’s simple food therefore the recipes need to be adaptable you don’t need to make sure that you know whatever your pan fits is what you’re going with if your pan fits 3/4 now


you’re going to just use 3 unless you want to get another pan on the side because you see if, I were to use four pork chops they wouldn’t all fit but if you have a family of four I mean these pork chops are ginormous so I’m sure you could make do now I’m just going to let this go I would say for about another six minutes or so or until the pork chops are fully cooked through because remember they’re not cooked through right now they’re only cooked just read it on the outside and I don’t need to turn I’m halfway through because they’re not thick enough but if they were about an inch thick you’d have to turn them half way through so keep an eye on that I’m going to keep cooking these and then once time to serve dinner what’s your right inner simple looks fantastic I’m just going to turn this off now.


You can see all that liquid has absorbed this has only been simmering over because.I turn it heat up a little bit so I can medium-high for like five minutes because my pork chops weren’t that thick so if your pork chops are thicker just keep in mind. I’m going to need to cook longer in order to all the way through but don’t go them so much that they’re dry and tasteless because nobody wants them although these have so much flavor because of all the apples and an onion the gorgeousness now.I mean to tell you you could do a beautiful side of a celery root puree or like a mashed potato and turnip puree and a kale salad and this would be the most fantastic fall dinner ever so,I definitely think that that’s something you should think about when it comes to this recipe like the six no time at all and look at this the onions and the apples are not mushy like apple sauce because I still want a little bit of that texture pork chop is beautiful it’s cooked all the way through oh but it’s juicy and see that I don’t want a dry pork chop.I don’t draw anything I’m just going to take a piece of apple a piece of onion.


I don’t peel my apples you can but, I mean we know each other well that’s just not going to happen if, it’s not necessary it’s so good it’s like and they’re sweet and salty.I hit it with a little bit of salt as onions and the apples were cooking.I did add a little pinch of salt to them they’re perfectly balanced. you’ve got that lovely apple cider coming through that it almost helps make this like a glaze around the boar chop it’s phenomenal and it really should be along your dinner table at some point this week.