Pork Chops with Hot Peppers Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 15 mins
Ready in: 25 mins
I’m Gonna Share With You My Recipe For My Pork Chops And Cherry Peppers.


  • Pork Chops
  • Peppers
  • Salt
  • Cherry
  • Hot Peppers
  • White Wine
  • Flour
  • Parsley



We can get started you’re gonna need some beautiful pork chops, some thinly cut pork chops you’re gonna need some cherry, hot peppers a little bit of white wine a little bit of flour some parsley olive oil and salt and pepper so, like I said this recipe is like easy too it takes easy to a whole other level but they’re so so good you want to get a nice large pan here over medium-high heat get that preheating and to that.I’m gonna add in a little bit of olive oil it doesn’t take a whole lot maybe about a tablespoon and a half now. I’m gonna prep my pork chops you want to make sure your pork chops are nice and thin.


I’m doing a sprinkling just a teeny tiny bit of flour onto my pork chops and this is gonna create not only a nice crust but I actually tastes really really good and once we add the wine the flour it’s gonna thicken it up a little bit so, it’s really really good this guy’s seasoned it with salt and pepper then kind of Pat the flour into your pork chops just a bit and it really isn’t a whole lot.I mean a tablespoon total is what you’re gonna need just flip them over and do exactly the same thing on the other side pork chops look good so now,I’m just gonna put them right into the hot skillet here that’s a good sound put them all in there trying to get them to fit snugly go how do a second batch for the extra long because it won’t fit now those are gonna cook for just a couple minutes on that side a little because they’re so, thin they cook incredibly fast so, I’m just looking for about two minutes and that’s what you want to do next well my pork chops are cooking all.


I’m doing is singing my little cherry peppers and I’m kind of breaking them apart with my finger then getting rid of most of the seeds now these come in like a vinegar brine and they’re usually in the same eyes that you get your olives and your capers and all that fun stuff but sometimes these different supermarkets will give you an option of either mild or hot if,you like super hot food by the hot one but I usually go with a mild because they’re hot enough.I’m gonna add in my cherry peppers they give flavors they get quick stop and they are delicious so you can add as much or as little as. you want it’s totally an optional thing you let that cook for just a few more minutes or so the second side is done the pork chops are fully cooked and all.I’m doing is just removing them to a place look at that those peppers get kind of like caramelized and crisped up.I just love this.I don’t want to lose any peppers now.I’m gonna do now it’s cooked my other pork chop because I couldn’t fit it into the pan so,I’m gonna just cook it separately and this is gonna take no time at all a couple minutes on each side and it’s done then


I’ll show you how to finish it taking my last one off there we go now to my skillet here. I’m just gonna add a little bit of white wine if, you don’t like wine you can completely omit the step doesn’t need it but,I just like the extra little edge of flavor and then.I just sprinkle of parsley and let that cook just for a second that looks good you’re just kind of looking for it to reduced again it’s just a very very small amount just enough to give it extra flavor and keep the pork chops very moist that’s it drizzle this on look at that.I just love home food like this is not by any means like fancy meal but it’s something.I grew up eating and it just means more to me than any fancy dinner at a beautiful Bistro it’s just as this is kind of food I like to eat just gonna give this a quick bite.