Homemade Popovers Recipe

Ready in: 50 mins
I’m Going To Show You How To Make A Beautiful Light As A Feather Popovers Recipe.


  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Eggs
  • Little Bit Of Butter
  • Whole Milk
  • Vegetables Oil



You’re gonna need for them are super-easy and everyday ingredients such as flour this is regular all-purpose salt eggs a little bit of butter that’s been melted unsalted and whole milk now. we’ll say that you want to make sure your whole milk and your eggs are to room temperature so you want to take them out for about a half an hour out of the fridge for about a half an hour it works best that way now the first thing you want to do is get your oven preheated to 400 now.what I have here is a popover pan now the thing that makes popovers as delicious as they are the trick to them is to have your pan incredibly hot so,I’ve got a little bit of vegetable oil and I’m just going to grease the bottom and up the sides of each one because I don’t want these to stick and the vegetable oil is great for this you could also use butter you can use a little bit of nonstick spray whatever your choice is just make sure that you get this covered really really well okay last one.I’m going to put this into the oven.


I want this to preheat for a good 5 minutes while.I’m making the batter that way I can ensure it’s super hot I’m just sifting my flour and salt because what you want to do is mix the batter for as little as possible so by you know by sifting the flour you know there’s no lumps that way you don’t have to mix it for that long all right so now that that’s in there.we’re going to add the milk eggs and butter.I’m going to mix this until it comes together but not too too much set out out God looks great and just move this out of the way.I’m going to put it into like a measuring cup just so then it’s got an easy way to like a spout so that I can fill them up much easier give it a good mix from the bottom just going to pour it in here clean up a bit and then get my pan out of the oven.


So, we can get these all filled all right pan is nice and hot you’re going to fill these up not even that much that was way too much about halfway up now these are going to go into your preheated oven and you want to let them stay in there for 35 minutes do not open the door let them in there.I’ll show you what they look like when they’re done popovers for in the oven for 35 minutes exactly next time do a better job of making them a little bit more even than I did but other than that. I mean look at these beauties I think I’m gonna go for this one they pop out so easily all right stop this is a basic popular recipe I make them savory with some parmigiano and time I also make them sweet but I love the plain version just like this with a little bit of Jam is my way oh look at that Oh smells like a pancake batter I’m just gonna put a little bit of jam in here while it’s nice and piping hot was excited – really hot though mmm that’s so amazing one guy there are no words it is like a hot steamy puffy light as a cloud pancake brewing the delicious little.