Homemade Pink Strawberry Lemonade
Prep in: 10 mins
Ready in: 10 mins
I’m Going To Make Pink Lemonade.


  • Granulated Sugar
  • Frozen Strawberries
  • Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • Syrup
  • Sugar



You gonna need you’re gonna start off with some granulated sugar frozen strawberries not in a syrup just frozen strawberries that have been thawed
lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice and then. you need ice and water that is it and it makes for the best lemonade ever okay so in this little saucepan.I already have some water.I’m going to make a simple syrup into the water.I’m going to add the sugar and I’m just going to cook this on medium heat until the sugar dissolves you don’t want this to turn into caramel or anything you just want the sugar to dissolve and then. you have a simple syrup on your hands now that we have that done in my big picture get yourself a big picture add some ice to the water add someone. who can’t count or two why don’t you and then you’re going to add your lemon juice and have that ready once the simple syrup has come to a boil and it’s well it’s not we don’t want to boil too much but the sugar has dissolved let it cool for a little bit not much and then.we’re going to add this straight to here and then make our strawberry mixture and our lemonade is almost done.


I’ve done it.I do it from time to time. when you have the time and some juicy lemons on hand. I’m telling you nothing beats it you can even take this
mixture and pour an ice cube tip summer tip pour this mixture in an ice cube tray and then add it to water or we punch or whatever and instantly adds the freshness and deliciousness but I’m going to stop jabber jibber-jabbering. I learn wait for this to cook down and then.we’ll proceed my simple
syrup mixture is done and I have like this cool for about 10 minutes and it’s not completely cold but that’s fine it’ll work out just fine remember .you have ice in here lots of cold water and you should stick this in the fridge for a little bit before you serve it anyway okay give everything a good stir now.


I could drink this just like this this is my basic lemonade recipe if,you’ve never tried it just do yourself a favor and do it because it’s too bad.
I’m not saying I’m just saying okay now I’m going to bring over my blender now I’m going to tell you why I think frozen strawberries or even raspberries really are really is really the key using frozen because if, you want to use fresh you just won’t get that same syrupy sort of runny consistency that you get from using frozen so that’s.why I prefer to use frozen but if,you want to use fresh strawberries by all means go ahead and
do so but I just prefer to frozen.I think it works so much better and I’m going to put this the content of the whole that’s the whole bag and everything now remember this was not in a syrup nothing like that it’s just some frozen strawberries and a little bit of our lemonade mixture just to get it going pop the lid on and pop it on my blender okay look at that.


You could add the entire thing in here if,you wanted to which I’m gonna do if you don’t want the seeds just strain them out up to you I don’t think
it makes any difference at all add some in there give everything a stir like.I said if you wanted to you could strain it but really no time no what do. I really care too mmm this is really nice and cold so, I’m not even going to worry about chilling it before I serve myself some look at that color .I just love it I have some more strawberry mixture here. you could add it all in if, you want to or you can take this mixture and freeze it in ice cube tray. I mean the freezer is like my third person in my house if.

5You go on my freezer you’ll find everything under the Sun because it really helps me let’s give it a taste mmm mmm you know something is good. when you close your eyes and the eyeballs on the back your head mmm it’s not too sweet definitely taste the lemon you don’t get a taste of strawberry like strawberry overpowering everything you just taste a beautiful lemonade with just a subtle subtle hint of something sweet in the background besides the sugar it’s fabulous mmm serve.