Pine Nut Cookies (Pinoli Cookies) Recipe

I’m Going To Show You How To Make An Cookies Pine Nut Cookies.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Pine Nuts
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Confectioner Sugar



You’re going to need some all-purpose flour just some plain flour you need some pine nuts some unsalted butter at room temperature some sugar salt vanilla extract and you’re also going to need some confectioner sugar.I’ve only made these cookies with pine mouth cookies and if you see the title then you’ll know that these cookies are made with pine nuts so don’t even ask because I don’t know if you can substitute if it will come out okay so these pine nuts all I did was toast them and a dry skillet just over medium heat until they developed some brown color you want to do that because you need to develop that flavor and by heating them up and by toasting them.


You really do you can smell them as soon as you’re done awesome so,I’m going to use a little teeny tiny handy dandy little food processor for this but you can use a regular food processor this will not work in a blender so I don’t even want to get that question so all I’m going to do is pulse these until they’re somewhat crumbs but you don’t want them to be completely like powder so go ahead and pulse them up that’s perfect they’re all bad chopped up but you can see they still have the same texture it’s not like powder that’s what you want you want texture in this cookie now I’m gonna make this in a bowl with just a with whisk and a wooden spoon and a spatula because it’s such a small amount of dough I don’t want to bring in my big mixer for it but you can use this mixer if you want so I’m here I’m going to put in some unsalted butter it’s important it’s at room temperature otherwise it won’t cream well and some sugar put in a little tiny bit of vanilla.


I like to use unsalted butter because I use salt anyway in my recipes and that’s because salted butter is really really salty so by always using unsalted butter and me adding insult always control how much salt goes into my baking and my savory dishes so, that’s why I choose to use unsalted butter always so,I’m going to do it just cream this together really quickly and it only takes like a minute or two it’s not very time consuming at all it looks great now to this I’m going to pretty much add everything else my salt and my flour. which I’m going to just mix very very quickly put right in there and my pine nuts then I just crushed up so that they’re nice and fine we go now.


I’m just going to mix this together until it forms a dough that looks perfect now because we’re not using eggs eggs is normally what’s hold something together as it bakes because we’re not doing that I need to chill this dough you know I’m gonna put it in the fridge for about an hour because. I really wanted to be chilled and set so that when I bake them they’re not going to fall apart all over the place so,what I’m going to do is cover this with some plastic wrap stick it in the fridge for about 45 minutes and then.I’m doing I’m just taking the palm of my hand and kind of flattening the bottom so that there are little big rounds like that and that’s all.

5I’am going to do and I’m going to put them a couple inches apart on the baking sheet last one now.I’m going to put these into the oven remember it’s been preheated to 350 Fahrenheit now you want to bake these either at the very top of shelf of the oven or at the very bottom.I’m going to just put this in the bottom shelf and these are the baked for longer than the traditional cookie it’ll be about 20 minutes or so between 18 to 20 minutes and I’ll show you the next step my cookies baked for about 20 minutes and as you can see they’re beautifully golden brown now you want to wait two to three minutes before you doing this next step and the too hot for me to do it with my fingers.


I’m going to just take two spoons and do this with I have about a cup or so of confectioner sugar or powdered sugar whatever you call it in this little bowl and now we’re going to take our hot cookies and we’re going to cover them in confectioner sugar that’s right that my friend is how we roll with pine nut cookies around here then just put them on a little plate just continue with the rest of them almost done to my last one but before I finish those now these have to be dumped twice so you finish your first.