Homemade Pigs in a Blanket

Ready in: 25 mins
I’m Gonna Show You How To Make Homemade Pigs In A Blanket.


  • Little Beef Franks
  • Sharp White Cheddar
  • Little Bit Of Dijon Mustard
  • Puffy Pastry



Which are just going to be some plain old it’s a little beef franks a little mini beef hot dogs. whatever you call them and you can use any flavor. you want using beef but you can use pork turkey anything you like and what I have here is some shredded sharp white cheddar and a little bit of Dijon mustard and some puff pastry that’s it these are gonna be very very easy now the first thing. you wanna do is get your oven preheated to 425 and the second thing you wanna do is take your puff pastry that you’ve thought out because I do buy mine from the supermarket because like. I’ve always said making puff pastry at home is just not something that.I will probably ever to because it is very time consuming.I’m just going to roll this out I’m in a little hole there that’s okay. I’m going to roll this out a little bit bigger than what it originally was going to take a little bit of Dijon mustard.


I’m really not taking a whole lot because I don’t want this to be overpowering at all just want it to be a little tiny bit of flavor in the background just going to spread this evenly sprinkle your cheddar evenly over the top and then just try to pack that in the puff pastry now just cut it in you want six rows to sway and six the other way so that you can get perfect strips I’m just going to get rid of this little teeny tiny edge on both sides and then just take your egg wash which is just one egg beaten with a little bit of water or cream whatever you have brush it on one side just take you a little mini be frank or pork or whatever you’ve got and just pull it around.


You want make sure the seam is where you put the egg wash and I’m just going to put it on my parchment lined baking sheet once you have them all rolled up just brush the tops with some more of the egg wash and then these are just going to go into the oven for 15 to 20 minutes or until they’re golden brown and nicely puffed up and I’ll show you what they look like when they’re done now done let these bake for about 17 minutes.I’ve let them cool for a bit and just put them on a plate I’ve already been eating them.