Homemade Pico de Gallo Salsa Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Ready in: 3 hr 20 mins
I’m Going To Show You How To Make A Pico De Gallo Salsa Recipe.


  • Some Fresh Tomatoes
  • Some Scallions
  • Some Green Onions
  • Fresh Lime
  • Fresh Cilantro
  • Some Jalapeno
  • White Onions



We can get started you’re going some fresh tomatoes, some scallions or some green onions whatever you call them fresh lime some fresh cilantro and some jalapeno salt and pepper so this is I call this the Mexican version of bruschetta or bruschetta and the classic bruschetta anyway but anyway this is easy and simple to do I love this with just some chips or I even like it over fish over chicken. I mean you name it so what I’m going to do is cut my tomatoes and I cut them in quarters like so and cut them in slices I should say and then I cut them like that and then run my knife across them to make little bite-size pieces and you can cut this as small or as chunky as you want it’s completely up to you and now traditionally a lot of people use um white onions.


I’m using scallions because I do have a much more milder taste and I personally prefer it that way because I think the white onions can be a little overpowering so,I like to use scallions so but you know you can use whatever you want just gonna cut all my tomatoes great and now we are on to the scallions that these really big fat scallions and they’re gorgeous but if they were any smaller. I would use a few more but for this amount I think this is gonna be just enough and I’m just going to slice this really really thinly that’s plenty and now.I’m just gonna run my knife through it very quickly just like that just make them a little bit smaller just like so you don’t have to be too precise particular here we go put that right into my tomato mixture and then last things to chop are going to be the cilantro and the jalapeno now.


I’m using half of an jalapeno and I’m going to take the seeds out because it is just really spicy sometimes that’s you know somehow offenders are milder than others but this particular one today was really really hot so,I’m going to just finish my cilantro chopping it really really fine and then I move on to it just mince it as flying as possible because the worst thing you can happen is someone gets a really big piece of jalapeno on their chip.I feel bad for that person so just rocking my knife back and forth just to get it a little smaller that’s good YUM smells really good to season it with some salt pepper even though those jalapeno in there black pepper does hit you but a different note salt it well because tomatoes drink up salt just like avocados do now.


I’m gonna juice in some lime make sure your line feels nice and juicy last of my line just gonna give everything a nice toss smells so good already now what I’m going to do is I’m going to let this sit for about ten minutes.I feel like it just tastes so much better once it’s had a chance to kind of sit down and hang out and all the flavors kind of get to know each other and blend better so,I’m going to let this sit. I’m gonna grab some chips and then. we’ll serve them together my sauce has been sitting for about 10 minutes and now it’s ready to serve and you can serve this but like I said which is chips I’m serving this with my homemade crispy baked tortilla chips.

5I don’t like to feel an ounce of guilt anytime I’m eating something that’s crunchy and delicious and I’m just going to go right in for a bite mmm not perfect for me hmm I hope you try this recipe if you’re looking forward to making something like this I think you would really really enjoy it’s quick it’s easy it’s delicious it’s.