Chicken Florentine With Pesto Recipe

Prepare time: 20 min
Cook: 35 min
Ready in: 55 min

We Are Going To Make Chicken 14 With Pastel.


  • 20 One Pan Wonder Dish
  • Olive Oil
  • Little Bit Awkward
  • Garlic
  • Little Spatula
  • Spinach
  • Big Forearm
  • Pesto
  • Fresh Basil Olive Oil And Pine Nuts
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Canned Vegetable
  • Sodium
  • Corn Syrup
  • Sauce
  • Add The Pasta
  • Good Fat Mono
  • Saturated Fat
  • Penne Pasta


I’m gonna let you make it 20 one pan wonder dish we’ve already got the pan heating up right now you want me to start off with the olive oil. You’re gonna handle the whole thing to do it. Okay, in the pan we’re gonna sauté the chicken so a little bit. You gonna do the swirl you know the embellishment that you always pick on me. About there you go perfect about you do it like this I do it a little bit awkward.

2But it’s all good. Here, I’ll take that from you although your clean up at this point we want to start cooking our chicken and the garlic I would start off with the garlic okay right in all of it in absolutely Austin all the in baby all right now what there we go we’ll give what do we do a little spatula. We’re just going to stir up the garlic and saute it by cooking the garlic. It will caramelize and just really blossom the flavor. I can’t describe it when you caramelize garlic it completely changes the flavor of the garlic wonder. How about that song in it.

3You’re good that garlic is it only takes a second. We did not do any cuts or anything that was like that’s it. How long it takes just in with the chicken we don’t to get the extra water in their chicken brush off yes boneless skinless my friend boneless skinless would bring nothing else out on the table with you around. Because, We want to lean sources of protein absolutely one hundred percent. Okay, This is about a four to six ounce chicken breast. So but nice lean protein a portion for one person. This is one of those all in one dish is not a lot of extra vegetables.

4We’ve got our spinach which is going to be going in we don’t need any extra cuz spinach is an awesome vegetable high in vitamins, minerals, iron and high in fiber and pop. I liked it and you look like puff. I do the big forearm but I don’t have it. But you don’t know Hank I don’t anchor either over the head though watch your garlic body. I always do it watch your garlic you order one of us well that is that’s awesome just get the garlic when it starts to brown up your yeah there you go you got it.

5You can always adjust your teeth as well I’ll give me the pesto. I would add that in right now let me adjust my heat yeah yep perfect you doing good you’re rocking it pesto. I’m told though that real pesto has to come from a certain region of Italy. I’m jury I don’t know I’ve never been to Italy to the pesto region of Italy I know that the way I make it is a little bit of Parmesan cheese fresh basil olive oil and pine nuts right.

6Well your garlic is actually toasting beautifully the chicken is cooking up nicely it’s browning off you want to cook the chicken all the way through and then we can start adding the rest of the ingredients and Parmesan cheese is gonna be use for finishing spinach doesn’t need to be cooked. If you’re using fresh minutes you could add that in now to sort of cook it down. I find that for convenience though frozen spinach is perfectly acceptable for this type of cooking just go with the larger cut or leap for holy frozen spinach and nutritionally it will make a difference people ask me all the time do I have to have gas trudging spinach oh yeah nutritionally frozen is just as good.

7But I don’t recommend canned vegetable now because when they can had sodium they had corn syrup. You don’t want it but fresh or frozen perfectly fine quite frankly can’t vegetables kind of suck the flavors. They’re always overcooked to frozen vegetables for some reason they just seem to get it right um you can freeze fresh vegetables as well it’s another thing that just goes very well. I think it turned the heat off. I turn it off all right. Well let’s get your heat going again.

8We do have to cook this chicken for another few more minutes and then it’ll be completely don’t be able to press on to the next step. As we’re cooking the chicken were just having a discussion about canned vegetables um and they said really did do you really mean that they suck yes that’s what I mean they suck. I do not like the consistency of canned vegetables every it’s in a can for the most part is available frozen right in your local supermarket try it.

9It’s justice convene you don’t like the taste but nutritionally a boy thank you very much for your honest and candid opinion no good let’s hit some spinach it at this point okay yeah go for it no not the whole thing that you’re getting ready to power dump their you don’t think that’s a lot your to the whole all in. We’re gonna have to do add a little bit more olive oil to the sauce for this dish. So that’s not from to learn as a technique that is kind of an unusual way to hold the bottle why don’t want. I don’t want to do this where I’m reaching in front of you elbow yeah the high elbow thing so.

10I’m just trying to be you’re going somewhat nice the other returned. I like it okay great perfect. We’ve got that ready to go. We’re going to heat up the spinach in this dish. Add the pasta empowerment we’re done easy. Okay, I can see the steam coming off the speech. I think you’re there about a little bit of pasta and we’re gonna be ready you know we talked about it. But at all honesty what’s wrong with cooking more spinach nothing up and we need more vegetables in our diet anyways.

11I like spinach we added olive oil a good fat mono and saturated fat and now for the good slow releasing carbohydrate the pasta yep penne pasta but it is what kind a whole week whole grain always so easy to find your grocery store get the one hundred percent whole wheat or whole grain pasta the only reason I was picking any about the amount of spinach is that was eight ounces of spinach I was a full big frozen package of spinach and only about four ounces of vegetables so we have double the excuse me of chicken. we have a BB mama servia that you got a dental vegetable um could double the vegetable it really it’s nothing but healthy awesome let’s get the pasta and we’re ready to go.

12Here I’m not going to use the entire no need the pasta almost becomes a garnish with that much since it’s a garnish we’ll go with that alright so we have the good lean protein the chicken we have the slow releasing carbohydrate in the pen a whole grain pasta and of course we have a good vegetable in the spinach. Okay you’re going to plate it up I think we’re there Pass only needs a few seconds to reheat oh look at that you’re being very gentle today oh that’s all right yeah a little bit of Parmesan cheese on time see just the talks just a touch destination and our flavor I dated any salt into the recipe the Parmesan cheese will do that very well done you know they say the best meal is the one that you don’t have to cook for yourself do you mind if ate this one Oh you.