Persimmons Pudding Recipe

Ready in: 1 hr 15 mins

It is persimmons pudding or cocky pudding.


  • Ripe persimmons
  • Orange / persimmon
  • Some cinnamon
  • Raisins


1First I remove the leaves here like that.Then let’s get a Knife.I cut it here is the lead. I cut through like this. To check for seeds and you’re lucky. This one has a seed. Many of them don’t have a seed at all yeah but this one has a seed. See this I don’t need that in the pudding. So the rest just goes in the Vitamix just like that next is choosing the oranges.

propose you get a better juicer to this. Look at this the orange juice it goes on top of the presenters. So not a pudding is mixed. I will add some cinnamon there and the raisins. Put the lid back on and now the race and just mix it a little bit so the raisins are cut in half or cutting three pieces but I don’t mix it entirely and then I let it sit there for maybe some minutes so the raisins to soak up the water a bit.

3Getting a bit loud in here.This is the finished product. you don’t have to put the raisins in but I like them because just gives me something to do.
So I keep it in my mouth longer that’s also very good. it’s very sweet without even put adding any sugar and don’t worry if it down if you don’t have oranges. just just give us water that also works is just mother’s tasty.¬†Yeh and don’t remember I don’t forget to drink enough water. This will be my breakfast and I already drank a liter of water before eating that.