Salmon Burgers Recipe

Prep in: 50 mins
Cook in: 10 mins
Ready in: 1 hr
I Want To Show You How To Make Some Fabulously Delicious But Super Simple Salmon Burgers.


  • Salmon
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Chives
  • Mayo
  • Cilantro
  • Chilli
  • Lemon Zest



You need some salmon which we’ll talk about in just a minute what I have here are some chives I’ve got parsley lemon panko breadcrumbs and egg a little Mayo and some salt and pepper and that is it for my salmon what you’ll need what I need in this recipe is a pound of a salmon filet what I did is.I had the fishmonger take off the skin because you don’t need the skin for this recipe and then all I did was just cut it into large chunks and that’s it you’re looking for about a pound so order just a little over a pound because by time they take off the skin it’ll be right about at a pound how many more times can I say a pound okay let’s get started I’m going to make my burger mixture in my food processor. I’m going to add my salmon chunks. we’ll just cut them up to make life a little bit easier.I’m going to add my chives and my parsley now.I’m keeping the burgers the salmon burgers anyway not too strongly flavored because when you get your hands on really beautiful salmon.


You don’t want to do a whole lot to it otherwise you lose the flavor of the salmon but if,you want to go like a tex-mex root you could add our opinions it is some cilantro a little bit of chili. which I may show you in a different recipe altogether so you need a little lemon zest and at this point this is all you need I’m just going to put the lid on and I’m just going to process this until it’s all really well chopped alright this looks fantastic and see it’s pretty well chopped and that’s what you’re looking for you almost want it to be like a pace but they’re still it’s a little bit chunky you don’t want to be totally smooth now to this.


I’m going to add just a squeeze of lemon not much a good pinch whoa good pinch of salt pepper you need your bread crumbs I like using panko because they’re really nice and light and they don’t compact the burgers too much an egg and just a little bit okay oh just a couple tablespoons not much okay now all I’m going to do is just give this a really good mix and then I’m going to cover this with some plastic wrap and I’m going to pop it in the fridge for about a half an hour so I want the mixture to really come together and once it sits for a while it hardens a bit which makes it easier to fry or grill or whatever you’re doing with them so that’s what I’m gonna go do and then we’ll cook them up and will serve my salmon mixture was in the fridge for about half an hour or so now I want to show you what I have here I just have some mixed greens because I’m just going to serve it with some mixed greens and olive oil lemon juice and then this which I absolutely love it’s just plain Greek yogurt a mixture of dill chives and parsley to it.


I’m going to add don’t want the pit a squeeze of lemon makes it really nice and bright I love the sauce works perfectly alongside the salmon as is a pinch of salt as is or if really is fantastic it’s a sauce on a soft bun on a grilled salmon burger it’s just it’s phenomenal so whichever way you want to serve these this sauce to me anyway it’s a must-have so give it a stir love really and set that aside okay so let’s talk salmon burgers I’m going to cook mine in just a standard skillet which is a drizzle of olive oil in there you can make these in a nonstick skillett without any olive oil if you don’t want to give them a nice little crust so that’s what I do you can make them on a grill pan you can make the money outdoor grill I will say if you make them on the outdoor grill.

5You want to make sure you your grill is really hot and lay down a piece of aluminum foil because it keeps the burgers from sticking to the grace of the grill so learn that for me let me that mistake okay these look fantastic all.I’m going to do is score this into four because I do want to make four burgers out of this you can make six smaller ones if,you want to you know the option is yours whatever you want to do booboo is your kitchen and then you just form it into burger patties you first form it into like a meatball and then you just press it just like that you can still see the chunks of salmon in here see that which is beautiful and now.


I’m just going to pop these into my hot skillet and cook them for a few minutes on each side or until fully cooked all right these are perfectly cooked they took about three to three-and-a-half minutes or so on both sides to cook fully now I do want to mention that I have a recipe incredibly similar to these from a few years ago of my salmon cakes but the reason why I want to share this recipe with you is because with my salmon cakes although very similar in taste because we use cooked salmon in that recipe it made them way too fragile to be able to cook on the grill but with these because we went ahead and used fresh salmon uncooked salmon it makes them absolutely perfect for the outdoor grill because they hold so so well.