Whole Roast Chicken Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 1 hr 15 min
Ready in: 1 hr 40 min
How Make A Whole Roast Chicken With Potatoes And Onions And Garlic Recipe.


  • Whole Chicken
  • Some Yukon Gold Potatoes
  • A Lemon Onion
  • Some Fresh Rosemary Garlic
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Some Cloves Of Garlic
  • Roasted Garlic



Let’s go over the ingredients you’re going to need a whole chicken and I’ll talk about this in just a minute. You’re gonna need some yukon gold potatoes, a lemon onion, some fresh rosemary garlic, teeny-tiny bit of butter, salt, pepper and olive oil. Now there are just a couple of key things, you must do in order for your chicken to come out juicy and delicious every single time and the principle for this really applies to when i make my turkey as well. which if you’ve seen my thanksgiving turkey episode then. you’ll know what I’m talking about number one before you roast any kind of meat really. You want to make sure you take it out of the fridge about an hour or so before you cook it. Because otherwise by putting it straight from the fridge to the hot oven. you’re shocking it giving it a really tough like the meat becomes really tough think of it. When you take a shower for example, if you’re in the bathroom, it’s nice and warm. Then you just jump into cold water. You seize up you get cold and same thing happens to the chicken it seizes up and it comes out kind of tough. You don’t want that so take it out of the fridge about an hour. So before you cook it tip number one tip number two is to really not do that much to it. I know that sounds crazy, but if you get too crazy with the seasoning and the messing around with it ticking in and out of the oven.


You know the temperature goes up and down and up and down. It’s going to be very uneven cooking temperature, that’s really it’s extremely basic. But that’s the truth and the number three is you want to make sure that your chicken, your turkey, your meat is fresh don’t get something that’s frozen and then partially thawed and then put in the oven a big mistake. So those are your three must nose to making a perfect roast chicken turkey beef whatever. So now
that i’ve jibber-jabber it a bit. Let’s get started into the cook, you want to get your oven to 425 get that ready for you. Second thing you want to do is take a little bit of olive oil and get your roasting dish and place it at the bottom. Now that i’ll explain just a minute I’m going to actually before i even touch the chicken because cross-contamination wants you to touch a chicken, you got to wash your hands on all that kind of stuff. I’m going to prep my potatoes. I have to roast potatoes with raw chicken. I mean it’s just like the law, so what i do is i take a couple of yukon golds that i have just scrubbed really well. I cut them in big chunks like this and then put them in my roasting dish next one great. So then I’m going to take some cloves of garlic.


I’m not going to peel them because this is going to be in the oven for a while and at a relatively high temperature and if i were to peel the garlic it would burn and if it burns it’s bitter, it’s gross just pretty much throw everything out. Because once you taste burnt garlic. It just overwhelms everything else so, i just leave them right in the skin they become really sweet, really tender. I love them my husband, i fish you know the tray for them. Because both of
us and love them so much. That we try to outdo each other, when it comes to the roasted garlic. So i’m pretty much going to put in about a whole head of garlic unpeeled can get easier than that i’m going to leave you out one clove. Because I’m going to use that my chicken. So now that i have that done take some rosemary. You can chop it or you can just strip it right off the stem here just like so a couple sprigs should be just enough. Because it can be overpowering as we all know season them with salt and pepper make sure you season them well grate a little bit more olive oil to help them roast and then
this was what i do i toss them around right and then. I push them to the side. You let make sure to run a single layer always. But then. I push them to the side and i leave this open okay.


Now I’m going to wash my hands and prep my onion. All i’m doing is pretty much peeling the very outside layer of my onion just like so. I’m going to cut in big thick slices and then i just arrange them on a single layer at the bottom. Now why am I doing this is because i want my chicken to sit on the onion and the reason why i’m doing that is for two things number one flavor number two because it’s not sitting directly on the pan it allows the air to circle around the chicken and roast evenly again. I’m just trying to make this chicken cook evenly. So it doesn’t taste tough and tasteless and like shoestring it doesn’t it wouldn’t be pleasant. So just a key couple key things in there just ensure it comes out juicy. So now. I have a couple tablespoons of butter here. And I’m going to take some rosemary and just strip it right off the stem and then just finely chop the rosemary. I like it to be finely chopped because that way. I feel like it distributes better with the butter and i don’t get any big pieces of rosemary which can be overwhelming late. You know almost like a perfume
tasting. So that’s good put that right in there with the butter and then in here I’m going to take a couple of small cloves of garlic or one big clove of garlic and I’m just going to grate this with my microplane um.. You can finely chop it, if you want to but i like doing it this way because you get almost like a paste and that way no one bites on a big piece of garlic. You know so i have two small cloves here but that would be fine season your butter with salt and pepper great and then just with a fork or with a spoon just mash it all together. You’re making a pretty much a compound butter which is exactly what we
did. when I roasted the turkey for thanksgiving my butter is done.

5I also just cut my lemon in half and my garlic just right. I cut the whole head of garlic right down in half. Now you know this is really important when you’re cooking with poultry or me get everything else ready and then. You cut started on this meat itself. Now all i’m going to do is using my fingers. I can use a fork to help me as along as well if i need to i’m going to make a little pocket right onto the skin and i did the same thing when i roasted my turkey
and this keeps the meat of you know the breast and all the way down here so moist. It’s a step that i always take when i make a roast anything really chicken or whatever and then i take about three-quarters of my butter. I put it right in there and then i just massage it and you don’t have to be too precise and too perfect. Because this is going to melt and pretty much it’s going to be basting itself which is great. Because i don’t have to bother and then all I’m going to do is take the rest of this butter and put it on the top. So you can crisp up and get lots of deliciousness and the flavor kind of got all over the
place. If it gets to all of my hands anyway that’s perfect. So now before I wash my hands, I’m just going to continue to stuff this baby. I’m going to put the whole thing of garlic in there okay and lemon whole shebang great. Then i’m going to take some string here which is just some kitchen twine. I’m just going to tie the legs together. It’s really all i’m doing i don’t do any french dressing or any of that i just tie the legs together take your bird which as you can see.


I have a sitting on paper towels because after i washed it, i want to just make sure the excess water drains off on the paper towel. You want to make sure the top is really dry as well sit it on your onions and now i’m going to do is wash my hands drizzle some olive oil, salt, pepper, olive oil drizzle which we’re not even drizzling. We are seasoning, i’m losing my mind today watch my hands and i’ll show you how to see them in all. I’m going to do is just season the top of the bird including the wings and the legs really well with some salt and pepper go. Now since this is about six pounds, i’m going to put this into the oven 425 and i’m going to let it roast without even bothering it for about an hour and 45 minutes or so. When you want the internal temperature to be about 170 and you just stick a thermometer insert it into the thigh and leg right here to the fattest part and if it reaches 170 it’s perfect or if you don’t have a thermometer just take a little knife cut into it. If the juices run clear and not pink it’s done. I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s out of the oven my chicken roasted for about an hour in 40 minutes. It is perfect, i tested it with a thermometer right here and it reached 170 which is perfect temperature for poultry which what poultry you cannot have it. That you know it can’t be medium medium-well meal. You know it has to be cooked, all the way through. All I’m doing is just put it in a dish and my potatoes that i beautifully caramelized and roasted. I’m putting them all around it and those onions that we set the chicken on top of are incredibly soft and juicy.

7So, I’m putting those right along and now i’m not going to carve it. Now because it’s really best to let this rest for about 10 to 15 minutes before you carve it and this just came out of the oven and if i were to carve a right. Now i will lose all the juices leaving me with a really dry chicken. But if you want to know how to carve it. It’s the same method. I use when i carved my turkey and i do have an episode on nasa so go ahead and check that out over here and guess.what you’ll know how to carve a chicken. Because it’s the same, it’s carving a turkey that’s it i don’t want to give this a sleep look at the look at the top by the way look at this. This is all crunchy and delightful and i just want to take a little piece right here see the juices. You see that look, if you look closely you’ll see juices running down look see perfect that means you’re gonna have a juicy chicken. But you really should wait 10 minutes before you slice it because you don’t want to lose those juices. I’m really excited to eat this and leftover roast chicken ah. You can make everything making butter on a salad make a quick soup you name it perfect. It is so juicy, it’s unbelievable.