How to Make a Perfect Cheeseburger

Prepare time: 10 mins
Cook: 10 mins
Ready in: 20 mins

how to make a beautiful cheeseburger.


  • beef chuck
  • parsley
  • egg
  • breadcrumbs
  • Salt
  • cavernous crispy
  • pepper heavily seasoned
  • lettuce
  • American cheese
  • peperoncinis
  • ketchup
  • pepper



You got to start with really good beef so we have the beef chuck here which is part of the cow shoulder. you know it has a lot of fat content it’s a little bit tougher there’s a good chew on it so, that’s why you grind it. so, I’m just gonna cut this up in little strips. So, here it’s just better to grind. your own meat because you’re in total control. you grind it the fresh it’s this is not no frills down on King Street and Parkdale gypsy meat you don’t trim off any of this fat keep it in there the ratio will work itself out. I always find if, you don’t have a meat grinder go to a butcher shop and get them to grind your beef fresh the main thing that people always do is with the patties they put garlic in it. Where’s the Shire parsley crap eggs, breadcrumbs all.


You have to use is good beef and treat like a steak but don’t with the just make a beef patty and that’s all. you need we have our ground beef here so, now we just have to make the want to make it into a fat patty so, it’s nice and juicy just kind of like use, your one hand patting it up and then. your patting it down and then. Your patting it around. you got a pretty good patty right.we’ll start with four four burgers a family of four see a lot of people cook them on grills. I prefer to cook them in like cast-iron pans like a griddle because. When I find when people are cooking burgers on grills either fall apart and that’s why people always add crap to it to keep them together.what we want to do is sear these see all this fat these are all gonna melt away so, that’s gonna create these little cavernous crispy fat chunk pieces and then.


You’re gonna have a perfect burger so, when you cook burgers medium high heat and a cast-iron pan is your best bet so, you want to make it sure that’s not too hot cuz. you’re gonna burn it burn beef tastes like so, you’re gonna just treat it like a steak right.I’ve already said that so,we got the pepper heavily seasoned with salt coz it’s a fat piece of meat flip it over do the same thing because of the fat in here. You actually don’t really have to put fat in the pan about a six ounce burgers the burgers that we made today, you want to cook those about three and a half to four minutes aside for a nice medium so, now we’re just gonna let these guys cook and render. I think the best technique for burger toppings is not to make these big fat things that are gonna slide everywhere. I like to make a lot of thin slices so thatwhen you crunch through it it’s like a thousand layers and so, you don’t get these like big slide around tomatoes all these guys out in the world.


When you’re cutting these onions and you’re crying is because you have a dull knife a dull knife’re a loser you don’t cry if,you cut an onions with a sharp knife any good sandwich worth its weight has pickles in it if,the sandwich doesn’t have pickles in it it’s probably gonna be garbage throw it on the floor walk away then.we need iceberg lettuce shaved up.I got some peperoncinis. I like taking a bite of the burger take a bite of pepper Cheney little spice a little heat and that’s all. You need for toppings. what we’re looking for when we’re cooking the burgers is that the sides are gonna start turning brown. You know like when you’re cooking pancakes around the edges. You know when to poke the pancakes. you get the little bubbles around the side that bubble is the Browning of the side of the beef that means that it’s golden brown underneath and it’s starting to cook that’s exactly.


What, I’m looking for see all those little crevices that’s the fat rendering out staying juicy in the middle super crunchy on the top the other component is obviously really good buns right here is a beautiful egg bun see that yellow color egg one it just seems a little bit lighter than the like the Wonder Bread this smoosh. I need to toast up some buns always got to be butter in the buns cuz ain’t got butter buns. they’re not gonna be, these burgers are almost done this is a huge brick of American cheese cheese makes it creamy and don’t want your all messed up this is the bikini this is the sand this is the tequila. You’re drinking this is the babe right here think of a burgers a don’t want to with a babe too much right so,we’re gonna steam the burgers because we want the cheese to melt a little more so we’re gonna just add a little bit of water put a bowl on top or a plate just seem for a little bit.


You don’t want to cook them too much they’re done okay see that steam hey world cheesy burgers. what you know about it and I’ll dress these guys up so, we got the lettuce on the bottom. we’ve got the patty. we’ve got some onion and that’s a tomato some pickle got some mustard. I got the ketchup and some peppers these are the best cheeseburgers.