Perfect Apple Pie Recipe

Prep in: 5 mins
Cook in: 30 mins
Ready in: 35 mins
How To Make Apple Pie.


  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Butter
  • Water
  • Apples
  • Cinnamon Sugar
  • Nutmeg
  • Lemon Juice



I think the most important part this is the dry ingredients we’re going to use it’s just flour, sugar, salt so your butter is super cold butter. It melts, it creates steam you want like all these layers of the flour and the butter that’s what gives you complete there are a million ways to make high dough our trick is using your strongest force to squish it together at hand yeah so you’re hosing like as little water as possible like three tablespoons at a time. Okay so that feels good to me take a bite of the dough you made a mistake in the dough. You want to know now they always do that people are like did you just eat raw pie dough and the answer is yes i did mmm yum. There’s a lot of water in the dough her head.


But i think that can only mean really good things for us later that would terrify me to handle dough like that but you’re just like a boss like a bow remained an apple says keeler’s. Here’s there when you have to peel a lot of apples. It’s kind of fun to make a game out of it grace oh wait you didn’t know okay judge tojo nose down. I would be terrible and any of those cooking competitions we have apples for our apple pie obviously what else goes into the apple pie. We’re gonna put in cinnamon sugar, light brown sugar, butter, flour, nutmeg and lemon juice.


When did you open pie we opened the first one four years ago in the back of this like really wild drive bar possible. It was a front for some other business that this is the wacky part. We’re gonna let this sit overnight, if you put sugar on fruit. It’s gonna draw the juice out want to draw that juice out. So that we can thicken it and then add it back. So a lot of happening in that juice wow and you want to get that around. So here are our apples you can see there’s a lot of liquid. We’re gonna do is pour this off into a pot and then hook that juice down. Basically reduce it by half this is the reduced juice. Okay and this happens really quickly. I’d say it gets here in five minutes. This we’ve tossed back with the apples can use your hand. I think you should use your hand. I love apple pie because like it’s kind of over liable it always seems appropriate like when in doubt apple pie yeah a baby shower apple pie, no one’s boned fourth-of-july apple put this down.


So i’m just gonna tear off the edge. Here you’re just gonna fold over all the way around like that okay go cramp you’re gonna take two fingers crabs. So pushing with your left and then squishing around your finger. Okay yeah done if you see any spots where you goofed go back right biggest at the end of the day. You’re still gonna have an apple-pie gonna pop. This in the oven amazed oh i thought timers. I heard the pie okay it’s bullet up it literally looks like a croissant. There’s a lot of caramelization we have good color on the crust. You can see that it’s sort of like shattered and croissant ii. If you want to eat this i mean i’m definitely sorry looking back. You can see that like the juice is thick and the apples aren’t super cooked. So it’s all like dark applesauce. Okay that’s a pie perfect, i literally can’t wait any longer so wicked if we could start, we can move it align it’s really good. It’s so good, it’s really speaking to me right.