Peppers & Egg Sandwich Recipe

Prepare time: 2 mins
Cook in: 10 mins
Ready in: 15 mins
I’m Telling How To Make Peppers And Egg Sandwich Recipe.


  • Eggs
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Parmigiano
  • Provolone
  • Granulated Onion
  • Milk
  • Salt
  • Melted Butter
  • Olive Oil



Some eggs I’ve got some red bell pepper that I’ve chopped at about a half-inch pieces or so you know I’m too small you know I’m too big parmigiano I’ve got some provolone and I’ve got a little whole milk salt pepper granulated onion melted butter and’ll need olive oil and some rolls I’ve got two small rules.I have my broiler preheating and I’ve got my skillet here which I’m going to preheat over about medium heat now if you you can use any bell peppers you want just don’t use green because they’re not my favorite but these are a red bell pepper and you can see I’ve chopped them nice and big.I didn’t chop them too fine and that’s because if,I were to talk through too small then they get too soft too quickly.I really want this to have a good bite because it is a peppers and egg sandwich it’s not just eggs with a little bit of pepper here and there and then for the onion now.


I don’t like adding onions to the sandwich because and I feel like it overpowers the peppers in need and the eggs so, I like to add a little bit of granulated onion to my egg mixture and it just you can’t you’re eating a year like you’re tasting that tiny bit of onion but you’re not biting down on pieces of onion so it works really well but if, you want to add a half an onion to this chopped up by all means go ahead and do that my olive oil seems to be getting nice and hot. I’m going to test it with a pepper not quite there.I’m going give it a few seconds and then. I’ll add in the remaining peppers that looks good. I’m gonna cook those until they develop some color and they cook down a bit. I’ll take about three to four minutes in the meantime. I want to get my buns or my rolls ready now what I want to do I have them on a baking sheet that I lined with aluminum foil.


I’m going to open these up kind of like a book and I’m going to brush these with a little bit of butter and I’m going to pop them under the broiler or until this cup side gets all golden brown and crispy and buttery and it’s just it’s phenomenal.I’m just going to do that to both of these pop it under the broiler and then.I’ll meet you back to proceed so that egg portion and the pepper the neck Santa’s might average look gorgeous it develops a good amount of color but there’s not super soft which is what I want they only took like three minutes and my buns or my rolls. I could call them buns my rolls are out from under the broiler the edges got really beautiful golden brown and crispy so,I’m ready to proceed to the egg portion now in my jug.


I’m going to add my eggs to my whole milk you can do this in a bowl of course.I don’t know why I decided to do it in a jug but I did some granulated onion just one teaspoon going to add the whole thing a good healthy pinch of salt black pepper and then a good grading of parmigiano-reggiano about three to four tablespoons really up to you just use the good stuff because it makes a world of a difference I tell you and then I’m going to just give this a really good whisk I want to mix everything together well excellent and pour into my eggs oh that not the most gorgeous thing and then immediately you start just working this around you want the eggs to kind of cook as you’re stirring them that way you get that like ribbon ripple effect on the eggs.


I don’t even know what to call it but you don’t want this is on a frittata this is peppers and eggs so as the bottom sets you move it around then it smells fantastic this is only going to take a minute or two because you don’t want to overcook your eggs otherwise overcooked eggs are kind of an edible in my opinion because they become really rubbery so just work quickly keep your eye on it and give them a stir smells amazing I can smell the parmigiano.


I can smell those peppers I’m so happy right now this is going to be just the dinner.I was after these look great I’m just kind of piling them into centers that are close together. I’m lowering the heat to low because I don’t want to really overcook these topping it with my cheese I’m going to pop a lid on my pan 30 seconds the cheese will be melted.I’m going to bring my rolls closer to me and we are ready for dinner perfect turn that off I’ve got my rolls here I’ve got an offset spatula but whatever makes you feel comfortable to work with this you use then all I do you can tell. I used to work in a shop right and then upside down if, you can manage Nestle the cheese peppers and eggs in that buttery roll.


The eggs are not dried out this looks absolutely phenomenal look at that crust on the top of the buttery roll such a favorite sandwich of mine you must try it if you’ve never had peppers and eggs and I know this recipe is super simple and easy but it does come in handy when you’re coming home from a long day and you only have a few things in your fridge you know you’ve got some eggs and you’ve always got a pepper or two laying around hmm so one hot dog hmm so I mean beyond fantastic perfect flavor combination nice and cheesy.