Pennette with Ham and Mushrooms Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 30 mins
I’m Going To Show You My Recipe For Panetta With Him And Mushrooms.


  • Cremini Mushrooms
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Fresh Garlic
  • Little Bit Of Butter
  • Fresh Basil
  • Parmesan Reggiano
  • Ham Bacon



You can get started you’re going to need some cremini mushrooms that i’ve quartered or you can use regular button mushrooms you’re gonna need some panetta.some smoky ham that I’ve just chopped up in little pieces cherry tomatoes. I have half some fresh garlic a little bit of butter fresh basil Parmesan Reggiano salt, pepper and olive oil okay so, let me give you a couple of options if, you don’t want to use ham you don’t have ham bacon would work great pancetta would work great.


You go okay the first thing we do is get a pot ready for the pasta. I filled it up with water put some salt in let they come up to a boil now what I have here is a large skillet with about a tablespoon of olive oil and it has high signs and that’s preheating over about medium-high heat and 150 oil to come to temperature because when I add my ham I’m trying to get the ham to crisp up and release its flavor it gives it like a real nice mild smoky flavor because it’s smoked ham but like. I said you can use whatever you want so this is not quite hot yeah I’m just going to wait a few more seconds there we go now I’m going to do is put my hand for a couple of minutes in Hymas this is already cooked but I just want to crisp it up and I want to give it some color it’ll take a couple minutes my hand looks good just took up two minutes I’m just going to remove it back into a little Bowl and get those juices in there no reserved when it’s called them juices but all that flavored oil it’s gonna be fabulous so to that I’m going to add in my garlic what.


I’m gonna do is I’m gonna let that sizzle like a minute or so to release its flavor that looks great so now I’m going to add in my mushrooms now you can see I’ve ordered my mushrooms I haven’t sliced my mushrooms that’s because I really want texture so I don’t want them to be thinly sliced because then they’ll dissipate into like basically nothing but by cutting them like this they keep your shape better so what I’m going to do now is salt and pepper these and then I’m going to just cook them over medium-high heat about four to five minutes or until until they no slump down and to release their juice and then color a little bit and this is the perfect time for me to add in my past such of my boiling water because my pastas on seeing about 10 minutes to cook and this only has about 10 minutes left and it’s done my mushrooms look great so now I’m going to add in my cherry tomatoes give it a big stir another pinch of salt pepper wears myself down here.


I always do that I always put it away but there you go pinch in there give this a stir and then again this is going to cook for just a few minutes another three to four minutes run till these cherry tomatoes have cooked down and develops almost like a little sauce my mushrooms and tomatoes look perfect now the magical ingredients that that’s going to turn this into a really delicious sauce this is some of the starchy cooking water that I was boiling my pasta in it’s nice and starchy it’s going to help this thicken it’s gonna be really delicious and all I’m doing is just adding in a little bit of her time and scraping the bottom of my pan not scraping it to you know to scratch it but just to lift off any of those mushroom bits that.

5I’ve stuck there and look at that it immediately makes a really lovely lovely thick sauce now I’m going to add in my drained pasta but they look like a lot but it’s just for the two of us and trust me with all that mushroom it’s gonna be delicious some fresh basil but a tablespoon of butter just to kind of make it glisten and make it nice and rich and our ham that we’ve just seared up in the beginning to this develop its color and now as it’s cooking for just another minute.


I’m going to grate in some good-quality parmigiano make it so delicious this is just the best best ingredient this is one of my have to have on hand at all times because if all else fails I have nothing in my fridge besides this I know I can make myself some really good buttery Parmesan pasta in seconds it’s gotta be the good stuff though why this doesn’t taste good give this a big stir to combine absolutely everything a sauce is thickened perfect that’s about it.