Penne Marsala Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 30 mins
Ready in: 40 mins
I’m Gonna Show You How To Make What I Like To Call Penny Masala.


  • Ground Chicken
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Cremini Mushrooms
  • Chopped Onion
  • Some Beef Stock
  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Some Garlic
  • Wheat Penne
  • Olive Oil
  • Herbs
  • Parmesan Cheese



You can get started you’re gonna need some ground chicken.I’ve got some cremini mushrooms here that I’ve quartered a chopped onion, some beef stock so marsala you need some all-purpose flour some unsalted butter some garlic I’ve got here some whole wheat penne and you’re gonna need a few additional ingredients that are going to include olive oil salt and pepper just some herbs and cheese that’s going to come at the end but for now. we’re gonna get right into it the first thing. I do is get a big pot and filled it with water sprinkle in some salt bring it to a boil the second thing you want do is take a large skillet with high sides preheated over medium-high heat with a couple tablespoons of olive oil now.


Today I’m going to add in my chicken.I’m going to break this up as best as.I can I’m going to just let this cook until it’s mostly cook through I’ll take about three to four minutes my chicken is just about halfway cooked. I’m removing it with a slotted spoon because I want to leave all those drippings in there to cook the rest of my matches in so most of this is out if, I leave any pieces behind.I’m totally okay with that so that’s fine with me and now I’m gonna add in my onions.


I’m gonna cook these until well until it’s softened again three to four minutes is are you looking for in you have the heat on medium high so, it’s gonna happen pretty quickly and divide up a little bit of color. I’m just gonna get myself some pepper ready and then we’ll move on to the next step as to my onions.I’m gonna add in my mushrooms.I’ve turned the heat now down to medium along with my garlic. I’m going to see then this with some salt and pepper salt also brings out some moisture out of the muck of the mushrooms so, that they cook a little faster and slump up a little easier yeah those are nice stir and then this is going to cook seven to ten minutes you want to keep an eye out on it you’re looking for the mushrooms to cook down develop some color and then I’ll show you what to do next it looks fabulous.


I’ll put my chicken right back in mix it all together fast as I can smells amazing here already love this okay, I’m going to sprinkle over some flour and this is going to thicken the sauce and give it really great sort of smooth thick creamy texture and now I’m going to cook this for about 30 seconds while stirring constantly because I don’t want the flour to settle to the bottom and then burn so this will just take about 30 seconds until it’s about cooked but does it have to be perfect so now I’m going to add in some masala and this is going to need to reduce for just about a minute or so I want most of the alcohol to cook out but I want the flavor to intensify and kind of reduce a little bit so there’s not too much liquid so it’s good I tidy up a bit and then. I will come back and add one of the last ingredients so that this can cook for a little bit by itself you can add in some beef broth or beef stock and now.

5I’m going to let this cook for 10 minutes or until has reduced it’s nice and thick and this is a perfect time for me to add my pasta to my boiling water because. I’ll take about 10 minutes to cook and then we’re going to drain the pasta put it back into the same hot pot and then I’m going to meet you back here to pretty much assemble the whole thing my sauce is pretty much done my pastas cooked I’ve drained it and I put it back into the same pot now to my sauce here I’m going to add in some fresh herbs some thyme and parsley along with a little bit of butter just about a tablespoon then a whole lot I just want the extra creaminess and richness this looks amazing we turn this off I just tasted it for seasoning I need little bit more salt and pepper. so,I’m just going to add an extra little pinch not too much because.I am gonna put in a hand just a little handful of Parmesan cheese


Some freshly grated Parmesan on for that saltiness that I love okay I’m going to put my sauce right in here with my pasta oh yeah it smells so yummy add in my cheese and just stir this together this looks and smells amazing all the flavors of you know the traditional marsala but in I think an easier and even better way it’s like a one-pot wonder all to pops really but you’re just boiling the pasta in one pot so you don’t have to do a whole lot in there just kind of serve myself.