Homemade Pecan Sandies Recipe

Ready in: 45 mins
I Want To Share With You My Take On A Pecan Sandies Or Pecan Cookie.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Baking Soda
  • Lots Of Finely Chopped Pecans
  • Eggs
  • Some Granulated Sugar
  • Butter



Some all-purpose flour baking soda and salt lots of finely chopped pecans, an egg some granulated sugar butter and well extract and you are going to need some powdered sugar or confectioners sugar that’s just in a little bit the first thing.I’m done breaking my oven to 350 the second thing. I’ve done. I’ve taken a couple of baking sheets line them with some parchment paper and they are just waiting sitting and waiting and I’m gonna make this in my standing mixer but of course you can make this by hand totalling on a big deal in here and I have a paddle attachment umm. I fitted with a paddle attachment.I’m going to add my butter which is really important that it’s nice and soft and then.I’m going to add my sugar and cream these together just until they’re combined take about thirty Seconds it’s going to give this a quick little scraper ooh make sure it all gets incorporated and then.


I’m going to add in my eggs now there are tons of variations of this recipe some with or no eggs some with egg it’s a total depends on your you know on your preference talk to you.I prefer this recipe which is the one I use and actually I made these last some last Christmas and add in my vanilla as well.I made these last Christmas and brought them to my Emory’s house and people raged so I’m excited to share the recipe thank you that makes for just a minute just going to lower that now it’s really kind of important to make sure that you are really sturdy from the sides and the bottom and as you can see even your little like my my little paddle here get stuff stuck to it so you want to make sure it’s all most of it anyway it’s often with otherwise it is not going to incorporate I don’t want to lose any batter.


I’m a cookie so give it a good scrape works.I’m going to add in my dry ingredients along with my chopped pecans now you really should not be substituting nuts because these are pecan Sandies but if,you want to you can just change the flavor profile of the recipe and I’m just gonna make seasoned these look fantastic now going back to the different variations of this recipe some people like to roll them into little balls some people like to chill this and slice the cookies kinda like a slice and bake cookie me.I think the easiest route the easiest route.I should say I don’t understand why I would change using my handy dandy ice cream scoop that works so well so that’s not going to used today – for my cookies you want them to be about tablespoon in size and all.


I do is drop these babies on to my little thinking sheet and then.I find them out in just a bit I just want to get these all formed first once you have formed your cookies with wet hands.I just take the palm of my hand and just gently give these babies a little bit of a press so that they flatten out and it’s easy to do this with your hands when they’re wet because they little stick doesn’t stick to your hand now these are going to go into my oven that.I have for heated is 350 they’ll take about 1214 minutes something around there you want to keep an eye on them you want them to be a beautiful golden-brown color and you really smell the nuttiness from pecan that’s so awesome and then as soon and I do mean as soon as they come out of the oven make sure you sprinkle them with confectioners sugar because.I’ll show you what they look like when they’re done alright indigo my cookies baked for 15 minutes exactly and then.

5When I took them out I sprinkle them with some powdered sugar and I had to do that when they first come out because a little bit of the powdered sugar kind of sits on the hot cookie and all I want say melts but it gets a little bit sticky so it’s just like I don’t know it’s delightful.So, I just sprinkled on powdered sugar let them cool pretty much completely and now.I’m going to dig into one you can see the bottom is a lovely golden brown color they don’t spread out a whole lot but that’s just what they do they are just gorgeous they smell so nutty and delightful it’s really incredible and they’re really lovely and flaky and crumbly.I’m just going to break them up so that you can see look at that so good so like.I mean really they’re crumbling.