Pecan Pie Cookies Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in: 10 mins
Ready in: 1 hr 30 mins
I Want To Show You How To Make Some Pecan Pie Cookies.


  • Sugar
  • Brown Sugar
  • Salt
  • Egg
  • Maple Syrup
  • Corn
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Cornstractch
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Flour



When you let a sugar and brown sugar this is a maple syrup you can use corn and syrup if, you want to a maple syrup. I find that works just as well I’ve got some unsalted butter that’s been melted some cornstarch and salt eggs the vanilla extract and then for the base you’re going to need some unsalted butter flour sugar and salt that’s simple now. I’ve got my oven preheated to 375 what I have here is a comedian size baking sheet this isn’t this is an 11 by 15 technically I think it’s like a 10 and a half by 15 you don’t want to use a big baking sheet because you’re not going to have enough batter enough dough for the big ones.


I’ve got my flour my sugar and my salt this is going to be for the base give that a little stir. I’m going to add my butter you want your butter to be softened to room temperature or you can pop it in the microwave like. I have to soften it and then borderline melted you know it’s delicious well butter delicious. I’m just going to mix it with my spatula just take your time and just mix it until you can pinch it with your fingers and it kind of comes together this is what you want it to look like now it may look like a oh there’s not enough dough there for two so that baking sheet but there is you want a really thin layer of it you don’t want too thick of a layer otherwise your cookie or going to turn into bars again nothing wrong with that matter of preference. I want these to be thin and chewy and delicious and amazing so that’s why.


I prefer to use the size baking sheet just pop that on there like so and since the dough is just a little bit sticky what I like to do is just to have some flour on hand because should the dough stick to my hands.when I try to flatten it. I can just dip my fingers into some flour and see it gives me no problem at all just take your time and get this into one even layer all right this looks great you just have to have patience and it comes out perfect every time.I’m going to pop this into my oven at 375 for about 10 to 12 minutes and in the meantime.


We’ll just put together the filling so it’s all going to come together at the same time and then. we’ll put it back in the oven and proceed but for now I’m just gonna pop it in alright and then for the filling you just pretty much add everything in a bowl.I’m just using the same bowl I made my crust in because why not less things to clean awesome it’s just going to be fantastic now for the maple syrup. when you’re using good maple syrup so the choice is yours either one will do got that I’ve got my cornstarch and salt so who I’m big. I got cornstarch all over me but that’s okay salt is really Fortin in making so do not leave it out because remember it’s a flavor enhancer so it’s just going to make everything pop kind of how it does in savory dishes and then just a small splash of vanilla and then just don’t look at all those vanilla beans and then just mix it with your wooden spoon to combine and I’m going to set it aside until my crust is ready wonderful okay.

5I’ve got my par baked crust. I’m actually just going to pop this on here so it’s nice and even and I am just you can see it’s nice and lovely in lighting golden it’s not fully done yet but we don’t need it to be and now I am just going to pour this gloriousness over the top and I’m going to spread it nice and thin with my spatula try to get it as even as possible just move things around if you have to you just see that just tilt it now this is going to go back into the oven same temperature 375 about 25 to 30 minutes the edges should be really dark golden brown and crispy then what you’re going to do once they come out you know let them sit for 30 minutes after 30 minutes you can cut them and you can let them cool completely on wire racks so easy it’s simple I’ll show you what they look like when they are there. I cannot wait to eat this I’m so excited I’m just going to pop them in I’ll show you what they look like when they’re done YUM all right so these baked for about 30 minutes. I left them in for a little few more minutes after 25 minutes then.


Let them cool for 25 minutes slice them cut them into little squares and then put them on wire rack to cool completely you want these to cool completely otherwise they’re soft and I will say that like the center of the cookie you know the center of the big sheet is a little more gooey and soft which is my personal favorite but the edges end up being really nice and crispy so you kind of have the best of both worlds to me these are the perfect hybrid between a bar and a cookie you see that they’re not thick enough to be a bar to me and what I mean by that is when I want like a chewy bar has to be thicker has to have more filling so this is kind of like a perfect hybrid between the tomb and if, you love anything pecan pecan pie.