Peanut Butter & Jelly Cupcakes Recipe

Prep in: 30 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 50 mins
I’m Going To Show You How To Make Peanut Butter And Jelly Cupcakes.


  • Some Cake Flour
  • Baking Powder
  • Salt
  • Egg
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Vegetables Oil
  • Milk
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Peanut Butter
  • Whole Milk
  • Jam
  • All-Purpose Flour



We can get started you’re gonna need some cake flour, baking powder, salt, regular plain grated sugar,eggs, vegetable oil, whole milk, vanilla extract now these are the ingredients you’re gonna need just to make the cake part a cupcake part and then a little bit I’m gonna bring out the jam and the ingredients to make the peanut butter frosting that is just heaven on earth.I mean if, you like peanut butter this is just incredibly delicious and I’m excited to share with you okay first you wanna do is get you up or unit to 350 second thing you wanna do is take a muffin pit muffin tin and align it with liners so now that you have that done.


I’m gonna take my dry mixture here which by the way you can totally use plain all-purpose flour for this. I just feel like the cake flour gives the ake a little bit more like it makes a little bit more moist and keeps a little bit more tender and I like that with such a rich heavy frosting so,I think it balanced as well but if you want to use plain flour feel free to because chances are then you’ll have it on hand and you don’t have to make a special trip to the store for it okay in this bowl taking my sugar vegetable oil eggs and vanilla extract and all I’m gonna do mmm I’m gonna use like a tablespoon of vanilla.I want these to be really flavorful with the vanilla and I’m just gonna cream these together until everything is nicely combined. I’m gonna use my little handy dandy mixer here but you can also just use a whisk and a bowl whatever you want looks great so now.


I’m going to add in half of the milk and half of my dry ingredients and I’m going to mix those in but I don’t want to over mix so I’m just going to mix those in until.I can’t see them anymore and then I’m going to add in the remaining milk and the remaining flour mixture until it’s all combined batter looks great it smells really good already very vanilla tea so, now I’m gonna just use my handy dandy ice cream scoop and fill these babies up now that my liners are all filled these are gonna go into the oven preheated at 350 for about 18 to 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean my cupcakes baked for about 18 minutes or so and I let them cool completely.


I’m only going to do a few of them just to show you how these go together let me show you the ingredients you need for the frosting and for the filling you’re getting some unsalted butter at room temperature some plain cream cheese at room temperature confectioner sugar smooth peanut butter a little tiny bit of milk.some sub strawberry jam well you can use any jam that you like or jelly seedless and a little bit of vanilla extract it’s that simple so in this bowl.I’m going to put in my butter and my cream cheese and it’s super important that there are room temperature otherwise they will not cream together at all. I’m also going to add in my peanut butter and a touch of vanilla and now.I’m going to cream this all together really really well my handy dandy little mixer here that looks great just gonna take my spatula and run it or roll on the sides just make sure everything is incorporated and that’s so maybe. I could eat that just like that Oh like mousse now to that I’m going to add in my confectioner sugar and now carefully and slowly in with patience.

5I’m going to mix this all together until I have it all combined looks great I’m going to add in just a little bit of milk and I’m going to add in one tablespoon and if I feel like I need more I’ll add in a little bit more but usually one tablespoon is just fine my frosting is all put together and this is exactly what you’re looking for – fabulous thick consistency but still a little bit on the loose side but not too loose that you can’t pipe it so now what I have here are two disposable piping bags fitted with two different tips this is a plane tip this is a star tip in the plane tip.I’m gonna put in here some of my jam and this is seedless strawberry jam but you can use your favorite jam that you use you know when you make your own peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


I’m a fan of strawberry jam and raspberry jam and blackberry jam so, I’m using strawberry here now this is what I want you to do in your cold strawberry. I want you to insert the tip far in and I want you to pipe in about a tablespoon of the filling but you don’t want to over mix it otherwise it’s going to happen is it will explode so, just put in about a tablespoon in each one and you’ll feel it when you’re at the top if you feel it coming up so once you have that done you can set this aside everything gets going on the frosting now. I’m gonna put in my frosting in here with my star tip put a little bit more this frosting is so, good it will taste good on a shoe be like peanut butter that is this is such a classic combination isn’t it peanut butter and jelly. I like to do peanut butter cookies and then wash them together with some jelly delightful now all I do is. I just pipe it right on top and it’s that simple and easy.