Pasta with Cream and Zucchini Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 15 mins
Ready in: 25 mins
I’m Going To Share With You A Childhood Favorite Which Is Pasta With Zucchini And


  • Zucchini
  • Yellow Onion
  • Heavy Cream
  • Italian Panna
  • Salted
  • Olive Oil



Some locally grown zucchini and they’re nice and small they’re going to be awesome for this recipe. I’ve got a small yellow onion I’ve got some panetta which is what my mom always used in this recipe but you can use any pasta shape you like lots of parm and some heavy cream now if, you can get your hands on Italian Panna Italian cream that will be absolutely absolutely amazing. I can get that unless. I go to like a specialty store which let’s face it.I’m not going to make the trip in the middle of a busy of a busy workweek so I’m just going to use some regular heavy cream and it’s going to work out just as well but if you can get your hands on some pot enough it will be just a hair better then you need to salt and pepper in a little bit of olive oil now.


I have a pot back there with some salted water coming to a boil now here to my skillet with high sides.I’m going to preheat that over about medium heat you want to make sure that your your onion and zucchini or thinly sliced because what’s going to happen is as you cook these together as you cook the onion the zucchini together they caramelize it develop a bit of a bit of color but then they also start to soften you don’t actually want the zucchini to have texture here you want to be really soft and almost a little bit sweet which is why you need to make sure that you slice them nice and thinly along with your onion so I’m going to go ahead and do that and then we’ll start cooking all right got my zucchini my onion.


I’m a couple pieces of zucchini that’s okay, I’ll get them right back in get back here your little friends belong in the pots all right now what you want to do is you want to cook this for about ten minutes because what you’re looking for is Collard are you also looking for those veggies to really cook down so, I’m going to give them about outfit eight to ten minutes.I’m giving them just a pinch of salt and I give them a good stir and keep my eye on them and keep stirring them as they cook to the developed color all around and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s done all right – ooh Keaney look perfect I also wanted to mention these only took about ten minutes or so and about two minutes after you add your zucchini and onion to your pan make sure you add your pass at the defaulting water so that it can be cooked at the same time that the zucchini is done so that looks fantastic cooked and drink my pasta now I’m going to add my cream turn this up just a little bit.


I’m going to add my cream oh it’s going to be so phenomenal just you wait give that just a stir you want to kind of just make sure that that cream is heated through and then lots and lots of black pepper and your pasta in give that a toss.I’m going to add just a smidge more cream this is why you know cooking is all about look and feel you don’t know how much’re going to need unless you know you might need a little bit more money a little bit less how much cheese you want to add what who cares add as much as you want you know that’s why I love cooking so much because. I feel like cookies should be liberating it should be relaxed you don’t have to follow something did a tea you want more cheese and more cheese if you want to add less cream add less cream if you don’t want to add any cream at all add a little bit more olive oil it won’t be the same recipe but who’s to say it wouldn’t be delicious you know to me make it yours so,I’m going to just cook this for I would say about a minute or two all together just enough for the cream to heat through and for the pasta to really make sure that that cream is adhere to the pasta then I’m going to clean up and then we’ll serve fantastic.