Pasta alla Siciliana - Recipe

Ready in: 30 mins
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  • Rigatoni
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Medium Onion
  • Some Chopped Mozzarella
  • Some Garlic
  • Fresg Eggplant
  • Italian Tomatoes
  • Basil
  • Parmesan Reggiano
  • Olive Oil



You get started let’s go over the ingredients you’re going to need some pasta preferably like a tube kind either rigatoni or a pennant but I’m using ziti you’re gonna need a medium onion finely chopped some mozzarella some garlic minced a fresh eggplant salt and pepper 28 ounce can of crushed Italian tomatoes and you’re also going to need some basil and Parmesan Reggiano to finish off the dish okay first thing you want to get you up into 400 second thing you want to is get a big pot fill it with water you got a nice generous sprinkling of salt.I’m doing is instead the eggplant usually fries it but I’m trying to cut back on that so, when it roast it it’s just going to be out of delicious so what we’re going to do is.


I’m going to cut off a little bit of the skin like that give it feet so it doesn’t wobble.I’m also going to cut a little bit more skin because I like the texture of the skin but it can be a little bit bitter so,I’m just cutting it with my knife but you can use like a vegetable peeler. I like the texture of it but I don’t like that it’s you know it can be a little too bitter so, I cut about half of the skin off all around I’m going to cut this right down the middle and I’m going to cut this into pretty big when you get it cut into pretty big cubes because if, I cut them too small when I roast them they won’t hold their shape so something about that size is perfect last one okay, I’m just going to move this close to me and I’m putting this on a baking sheet that’s lined with aluminum foil just for easy cleanup and I’m going to drizzle this nicely with some regular olive oil you can use extra virgin but you don’t have to use anything too expensive.


I’m going to season it with salt and pepper now what we’re doing is like roasting the eggplant to give it a head start and when it roasts it gets almost caramelized around the edges and that’s great flavor I’m just going to toss this with my fingers to make sure that oil is coating all the eggplant and egg plane does so cup oil quite a bit so I think I’m just going to put another little drizzle over the top it comes out so little out of this bottle so now I’m going to put this in the oven and it’s going to cook for about 20 to 22 minutes or so just until it starts to cook down and develop a little color around the edges now while that’s baking we’re going to work on the sauce because it takes about the same amount of time to make so in this pan here.


I have about two tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat I’m going to add my onions just like so I’m going to see them next whoa sorry with a little salt and a little bit of pepper give these a little stir and we’re going to cook for about five to six minutes until they become nice and translucent and it cooks down quite a bit onions look awesome so now we’re going to add in our minced garlic I didn’t add it when I added the onions because otherwise the garlic would overcook and become bitter so now I’m going to let this cook for another minute or so so the garlic is cooked and we’ll add our tomatoes adding my tomatoes looks awesome giving this a nice stir I’m going to season it with salt pepper just like that and I’m going to let this cook over medium heat for about 15 minutes at this point now that your sauce is nice and thick.

5We’re going to add in our roasted eggplant just scrape them off they’re beautifully roasted and something gorgeous color on them they’re going to be awesome in this okay set that aside give this a nice big stir incorporate the eggplant in the sauce check it for seasoning at this point and this is also the perfect time to add your pasta to the boiling water because this is going to cook for another eight to nine minutes and the boss that takes about the same amount of time to cook so let that cook for eight to nine minutes including the pasta drain the pasta and then I’ll meet you back at the cow to finish the whole thing up our sauce looks perfect some of the eggplant still chunky some of it is like spread after the sauce so go to wait till you try this I’ve also drained my pasta and I’m going to add this straight to my sauce.


I’m also going to add in some fresh basil that I’ve just cut up before. I store this anymore. I’m going to add in some parmigiano-reggiano about I don’t know as much as you like really.I’m gonna say that’s good that looks good now we’re going to stir this up now the sauce is nice and thick it’s exactly how it should be you don’t want this to be like a watery sauce you want a nice and thick so it adheres to the pasta that’s good now we’re going to add the mozzarella now I’m using the most Adela that’s not in like the water pack but it’s like in the dry pad because if it’s too watery it’s going to water down the sauce and I cut that up into nice cubes and very quickly at the heat of this is gonna start to melt the mozzarella just mix it in like so that looks good enough for me because the more I sit the more than mozzarella melt but I’ve got to give this a taste.