How to Make A Roasted Turkey

Prepare time: 30 mins
Cook: 4 hrs
Ready in: 4 hrs 30 mins

I’m Going To Show You Gonna Make The Perfect Roast Turkey.


  • Pepper
  • Butter
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Some Potatoes
  • Salt
  • Onion
  • Sage
  • Freshest Turkey
  • Pepper



You gonna need so pepper, some butter, extra virgin olive oil, some potatoes, sage, onions and of course you’re going to need the freshest turkey. you can find now this is the most important baby he has to be fresh because it’s gonna be amazing so, let’s get cooking. I’m going to take some butter and I’m just going to melt this with some sage but to help it. You know a little bit faster. I’m just going to spice it up a little now. I’m going to combine that with a little fresh sage. what I’m doing is basically infusing the butter with the sage and then.what will happen is that we’re going to brush this sage butter all over the top of our turkey is going to be fabulous.just give it a rough chop just quickly like that put this on my burner really quickly my butters melted and my sage isn’t free as the butter just enough now first want to do before you start this dish it’s pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees.


You’re gonna get your turkey and you’re going to make sure this is a very very important thing to know is that so,your turkey is washed thoroughly washed and very dry because this is.what’s going to provide the crispy skin. we all know and love if,the dry skin so now. we have that taken care of I’m gonna show you what we’re gonna do.I’m going to take some salt unsalted butter and you have to make sure this is a room temperature okey doke. we’re going to just season this with a bit of salt and pepper just like so and this butter is going to go underneath the church and then eat the skin between the meat and the skin it’s going to be so, good and it’s going to keep.your breasts and the rest of your meat very moist.I do want to put a couple of sprigs of sage but not too much because.I don’t want the seeds to overpower and it can so,I want to just put a little bit so, that it will infuse all the way through a little mix now clean hands a cook’s best tool.


you’re gonna get in here and loosen the want to loosen the skin of the turkey with your fingers.just kind of take my butter.I’m going to just put it under like that and then just using the skin and your hand just distribute it all over this is perfect – just like that now. you want to go make sure you rinse your hands anytime. you’re working with walpole tricks especially raw poultry especially raw want to go wash your hands really well now. I’m just going to cut an onion – but you’re going to be cutting a few onions but this in particular doesn’t have to be perfectly peeled. we’re gonna stuff the inside of the turkey with it now make sure that.your turkey legs are tied together otherwise opening all opened up and it won’t cook evenly now.we’re going to take fewer onions 2 onions 2 medium onions by cutting them in quarters because this is going to cook for about three and a half hours so, you want to make sure that they’ll cook fast so, won’t cut them here. we go onions in potato time now.


I’ve already peel these potatoes so,I’m just going to cut them in large chunks tuck it in there want to make sure to do this because. you see your rings are like flapping.I like this these could burn and you don’t want that so, you just want to talk that right underneath your bird it will go very easily just move this out of the way so,you can see just twist it and tuck it there. we go perfect now.we’re gonna do is take our sage-infused butter and just coat all over the top.I’ll be turkey almost done just want to make sure everything gets coated with this stage butter because like.I said it will provide wonderful flavor the most perfect crispy skin wonderful now.I want to see them this really well because that’s another thing you never understand me it is vile if,you do that it has to be wonderfully seasoned this is the song.I’m going to just go without fresh ground black pepper drizzle with olive oil on your vegetables like so season.


Your vegetables with your hands just miss them around make sure they’re all coated and now this baby is going to go into 350 degree preheated oven for about three and a half hours now like.I said if your turkey comes with the one these little gadgets it will pop up.when it’s ready and if, you don’t if, you don’t have one of these and you don’t know how to tell should what you should do is you should cut between the leg and the bread like sort of decide and if,the juices run clear that it’s done one never want to do is under cook or overcook your turkey so, et’s put this in and we’ll wait for it in three and half hours my turkeys been out for 20 minutes at saganaki oven about 20 minutes ago.