Roasted Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

Prep in: 5 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 25 mins
I Want To Show You How I Make My Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Fries.


  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Extra Virgin Oil
  • Chilli Powder



You’re gonna need some sweet potatoes of course extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and totally optional some chili powder now the reason why I like to use just a pinch of chili powder to with my sweet potato fries is because.I love that tiny little bit of a kick that it gives to the sweet potatoes you know what I mean the great balance now first thing you wanna do is get your oven to 450 you want a really nice and hot second thing you want to a stick and baking sheet line it with aluminum foil and pop it in the oven for like 10 minutes to get it really nice and hot because that’s want to kind of create help create a delicious crust on the fries so in this bowl we’re going to cut first.


We’re going to cut our fries.I’m just going to cut the end and I’ll show you how I cut them just cut it in half like so and then I just cut it and like you know kind of french fries shapes like that now these potatoes are huge so,I’m going to cut those in half and then.I’ll show you what I’m going to do.I’m going to cut this in half like this and then cut that half and then just make you know steak fries out of them too might cut fries I’m going to drizzle them with some olive oil you can use extra virgin or plain olive oil couple of tablespoons season it with a good assault pepper then of course like.


I’m going to put in a pinch of chili powder make sure you do season them with salt really well because it does need a bit of salt because they’re so sweet just a bit of chili powder as much or as little as you like.I happen to love chili powder and now.I’m just going to use my hands to toss them into all these delicious flavors that looks fantastic I also took out my baking sheet out of the oven it’s nice and hot I’m going to drizzle the bottom with just a touch of olive oil now the top is run on there did you hear that the baking sheets nice and hot.I’m just going to put these down on a single layer because you want these two roasts and you don’t want them to steam it’s really really important that they’re not all top of each other if you have more than this and you want to do this on two baking sheets now this is going to go into your preheated oven 450 for.


I would say about 35 to 40 minutes or until they’re the desired crispness you like but halfway through just go in there and just give them a nice little shake you know and then go and let them continue to cook until they’re completely done look at these aren’t they just gorgeous look at the color on them they’re nice and crispy on both sides now these have been cooking for about 40 minutes and I flip them halfway through excited I’m just going to put these on a platter but you obviously can just eat them right out of the pan if you want to but these just smell out rageous I want to hit this one right here mmm so go ahead but really pop so sweet but it’s got that little tiny bit of a kick from chili powder awesome perfect hmm.