Orange Rolls Recipe

Prep in: 30 mins
Cook in: 15 mins
Ready in: 14 hrs 5 mins
I Want To Share With You My Recipe For Orange Rolls.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Salt
  • Egg
  • Melted Butter
  • Yeast
  • Milk
  • Vanilla



We get started all-purpose flour and granulated sugar, pinch of salt, egg, melted butter, yeast, milk water and vanilla those are my ingredients for my standing cinnamon roll dough that I use in so many different things and it’s because it works every single time so if, it ain’t broke don’t fix it I’m just going to warm up my milk and my water. I’m gonna throw in a small little saucepan here just because, I don’t want to put it in microwave. I’m just going to bring these to a small simmer you just want to heat these up till they’re about 110 degrees Fahrenheit it’ll you should literally put your finger in there if it feels nice and warm it’s good enough the yeast is just one packet or two and a quarter teaspoon of regular yeast and I’m just going to set that aside until my milk and water off the temperature which will not take very long because you don’t want this to boil because otherwise it’s too hot and it’ll burn the it’ll it’ll kill the yeast you don’t want it too cold because.


I didn’t want activate so,I just literally am touching it with my finger once I feel like it’s warm enough which it’s getting there see almost there that won’t get ready for funny stuff. I’m very excited I looks good I’m just going to take that put that in just a giant jug or in a bowl whatever you got now in here gonna put a little bit of sugar because sugar. I like a teaspoon or so,feed the yeast which you want that that way it just proves really nicely now there are two things that can go really wrong whenever it comes to a bread recipe calling for yeast.


I’m just going to put my flour sugar and salt in my bowl with my my standing mixer fitted with a dough hook this just makes my life a lot easier you could of course do this by hand but you’d have to knead it for a long time and I have my my mixer so I’m going to use it.I’m just going to let that sit there for now and then once that’s proofed we’ll add pretty much everything else my yeast is looking good.I’m going to add in my melted butter you really should be able to smell the yeast that’s kind of like if, when you know if the yeast is good you should be able to smell it if it’s proofing right egg. I’m going to add a little droplet of vanilla.


Some vegetable oil and get that ready because a dough needs to rise in there so once you have that ready you’re pretty much ready the XS rise and then once it’s where we want it to be when we want to the next step just took my dough out of my mixer and I just needed it together for one second just to pull it together into a bowl into a bowl into a ball so, I can put it in my bowl and now just take whatever is left over on your pastry brush. you can just make it even easier in yourself and just flip it over once and that way the top is covered and then cover this with some plastic wrap stick it somewhere nice and warm for me.


You’ll need just a few basic ingredients starting with some softened unsalted butter granulated sugar and a couple of oranges and I also have a 9 by 13 inch pan here that’s been buttered and set aside so, we’re ready to go first thing I want to do deflate this baby flour my surface nicely and we get this out of here with my dough scraper.I just kind of knead it for about a minute just to get rid of any of those air bubbles.I’m just going to flour my surface a bit more okay now what I’m going to do is I’m going to move this out of the way and with my rolling pin I’m going to roll this into about a 9 by 15 inch rectangle now, I always say that using my baking dish as a god is perfect because. I need the same width but the length just needs to be a little bit longer so, let me just take my rolling pin.

6You can also do that with your hands brushing off any excess of flour okie dokie imma just take this butter it’s nice and want to make sure it’s your butter is really nice and soft because you want to spread this evenly all over the surface that looks good. I’m just gonna set that there and now I’m going to just take a couple of oranges and just zest success right on top well before I do that though hold on before you do that make sure you sprinkle with your sugar.I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself here sprinkle it doesn’t really matter if, you sprinkle first or orange zest later it really doesn’t I just tend to always do sugar first but because it just sticks to the butter but it really doesn’t matter. I mean at the end of the day it’s all on the roll so now, I’m gonna go in and just set both oranges all over the top and evenly as you possibly can but you know don’t worry about if it’s not too perfect because you’re gonna roll this up anyway okay this is as even as it’s gonna get to make sure you don’t forget to get the back because a lot of the stuff gets stuck back there okay now you’re going to roll this jelly roll style. I just start at the very is the farthest edge away from me roll it like a jelly roll like that at the very last at the edge.

7Going to be the bottom and the butter the softened butter helps hold everything together okay, then I just take the ends and I’m just kind of as you can stand just tucking them in just tuck them in okay now you’re going to cut this into 16 even rolls. what I do is I kind of you know guess half and you’re supposed to cut this with like dental floss or something who does that I don’t do that and then I cut them in half and then in half again and then when you go and pick them up pinch the ends together right and then just put them in your pan and you’re prepared buttered pan like so and these are going to rise and stick together which in my opinion any good roll used to do that so what makes them so, good I think it’s when they get kind of all stuck together and you pull them apart in that softness ah these can get done fast enough so just going to continue to fill these up okay now.

8I’m going to do is I am going to just take a kitchen towel preferably lint free kitchen towel we’re going to drape this over the top and I’m going to let them sit somewhere warm to rise it’ll take about an hour so you’ll see they get really nice and pumped up about double the value that double the size and they’ll be perfect and ready to bake when they are there that is exactly what you should be looking for now at this point make sure your ovens preheated to 350. I’m just brushing some melted butter over the top of these just to give them a beautiful golden-brown crust and then just face it a little extra butter never heard anything. I mean it just makes going to make the tops of these so beautifully golden and these are going to go into the oven preheated at 350 for about a half-hour or so or until they are a beautiful golden brown color which by the way this is a little wonky one right in the corner here so, that’ll be a little Cook Street when it comes out of the oven that one right there.

9So, I’m going to pop these in for about thirty minutes or until they are golden brown I’ll show you what they look like and they’re done and cooled slightly and then we gotta make a little cream cheese glaze for these. I mean let’s face it no roll of any kind it’s complete without it my orange rolls were in the oven for 30 minutes and I can tell you they smell incredible now to make a little cream cheese glaze to go on top of these in this bowl. I’ve got some softened cream cheese it’s really important it’s often at room temperature. I’ve got some confectioner sugar or powdered sugar I’m going to add just a splash of vanilla to this and some orange juice the orange that we zested.

10I’m going to use one of them for the juice. I’m going to start with half and then get this mixed up and see if it’s at the right consistency. I’ll need about three tablespoons or so orange juice. I’m going to start with that I’m going to give this a nice mix because I want to make sure everything is nice and creamy and mixed Wow and then we’ll take it from there I’m just going to put a bit more orange juice because. I want this to be nice and runny and then I’m also going to scrape the sides of my bowl to make sure everything is incorporated now we’re not making a frosting we are making a glaze so it doesn’t have to be super thick and spreadable and it’s be nice and runny but still picking up Schiphol. you know to pull on this on the roll that looks gorgeous to me oh yeah that is what I’m looking for okay now all.I’m going to take this I’m literally just going to just pour this all over my I was gonna say cinnamon rolls head all over my orange rolls.